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Cuttings / Clones

Besides hemp cuttings, the clones shop also offers a limited assortment of exclusive grow equipment. Fertilizer and nutrients are available solely in certified organic quality, many of them also produced regionally. The other grow gear you can buy at this location is especially designed for energy efficiency and sustainability. From exclusive LED lights and smart irrigation solutions, you will find everything you need for smart plant cultivation.

Our locations for hemp plants at a glance:

All our clones are propagated directly on site and grow and thrive under ideal conditions. With love and craftsmanship, our growers select the mother plants from which our cuttings are later clipped. The seeds from which our mother plants are raised are not feminised but regular. The resulting females are more robust and durable than their feminized counterparts. After all, only absolutely healthy, strong and resistant cannabis plants meet the requirements to become mother plants.

The largest selection of seedlings that Vienna and its surroundings have to offer! Discover a wide and diverse range of cannabis strains growing for you at PlantCity.

The genetics that are available in the store vary constantly, but there are usually between five and ten different strains available. If you are flexible, you can choose from plants in multiple sizes and varieties that are ready to be taken home directly.

As in any good relationship that lasts and lasts, the key is communication, for it in each and every one of our products, you have a comment section, with the aim that we can interact, resolve doubts, tell experiences, tricks, etc.. All this with the aim of creating a cannabic family each time bigger and where we can enrich each other, putting in common all our knowledge.

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In our online Grow Shop, you will find permanent offers on thousands of products every day, as well as a multitude of gifts in each of your purchases, such as free marijuana seeds and many other surprises, since we are aware that, in every relationship, the important thing is to keep the flame alive, and that is why we want to continue being your trusted Growshop!

Find permanent offers in our Grow Shop online

The shipment to the United States does not usually take more than two weeks and has a cost of only 8 euros.

More specifically, our base is in Valencia (Spain), the city where most breeders are concentrated and where probably the largest number of seeds in the world are produced, so we had to be at the “heart of the matter” for a clear competitive advantage.

In addition, for purchases over 150 euros in seeds, your U.S. Mail shipments will be free!