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Royal Queen Seeds is one of Europe’s most successful seed companies for a reason. We comb the globe in search of the best strains, we provide top-quality seeds, and we listen to what you want. That means providing as much education as we can about our products and how to grow them.

• Smoke reports: These popular short vids review the hottest strains. Thinking about growing a new strain? Check out how your crop might taste and smell before you buy!

Our YouTube selections are vast. However, they tend to fall into the following categories.

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– In a cup of water

My favorite way to germinate the seeds is to put them in a cup of water and then between a damp paper towel. This goes well in 99% of the cases. How long does it take cannabis seeds to germinate in general? Or how do we germinate autoflowering seeds? The time depends on the strain or type of seed, but autoflowering seeds germinate in the same way and time as feminized or regular cannabis seeds. That is why I will more extensively describe this first way.

Germinating cannabis seeds in a cup of water

We recommend not to touch the seeds or the seedlings with your hands. If you do anyways, make sure your hands are clean and if possible use plastic gloves.

Suzy’s Tip: Try your germintion method on a couple of seeds (maximum 3). This way, you can test if your method works well. Often a wrong germinating method is used and the seeds don’t germinate. Do you want to germinate your seeds in a different way? Continue reading.

– In soil