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growing weed from seed hydroponics

When thinking about hydroponics, you might picture a high-tech setup: automated switches, flashing lights, ticking timers. However, the cost of a hydroponic system all depends on how much money you’re willing to splash. They range from a simple plastic bucket all the way to self-draining and flooding systems. To save time, invest in a cheap hydroponic starter kit. These include all of the materials you need to get from seed to harvest. You can purchase one for around £200 (€235).

Below are two strains that we recommend for hydroponic growing.


Smaller and more compact strains are ideal for indoor hydroponic systems. Beginning with a smaller strain is advantageous for several reasons. For one, it will let you cultivate several plants within a smaller space, allowing for more diversity and potentially bigger yields. Additionally, if your plants do go through a growth spurt, you’ll have room to deal with such sudden surges in height.

Now that you’ve selected a growing medium, it’s time to choose which type of hydroponic setup to use. All systems are similar in that they utilise a nutrient-enriched water solution. However, setups can vary widely depending on factors such as water exposure and circulation. Most of the following systems can be purchased, but those with DIY skills could easily make them by using buckets, drills, pumps, and air stones.

You’ll need to constantly test the pH of the water to ensure an optimal growing environment. Nutrients are more available to plants when the environment is slightly more acidic. Therefore, a pH of 5.5–5.8 is required. Use a pH testing kit to take regular readings, and be sure to change the solution weekly to maintain this range. During flowering, a pH of 6 is preferred.

Aside from purchasing the nutrients when growing your garden hydroponically, you need to keep an eye on the electrical conductivity of the system as well as its pH levels.

You also need to learn how to adjust pH levels because some nutrients are only available at certain ph levels.

Required Measuring Instruments

So if you’re planning on growing marijuana either by using a soil medium or hydroponically, it is in your best interest to do your research.

The truth is although the hydroponics system is very rewarding since you get a faster yield, it’s not recommended for beginners since the process can be difficult.

For the flowering stage, you require a higher level of potassium and phosphorus and lower levels of nitrogen.