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growing random weed seeds

But there is one big problem: cloning works best if you take the clones from the mother plant during the vegetative stage and at that point, you do not yet know which plant will give you great yields. You don’t even know which plants are females.

The article I linked to above (here it is again) details how to tell the difference between a male and a female plant. It also tells you to destroy the males, which you should do right away. They do not produce buds and they will pollinate the females, which leads to bud full of seeds.

That’s where cloning comes in.

Successful Bagseed Grow: How To Maximize Your Chance Of Success

The first change I’d make is to not start your seeds in actual pots. With bag seed, you’ll probably get a few that don’t germinate at all, especially if they have not been stored properly (read our article on how to store cannabis seeds). For that reason, I’d germinate in regular plastic cups.

The lower down on the plant, the better. Branches that are closer to the roots contain more rooting hormone, which means the chance of rooting successfully is increased and the time to root is decreased.

Once the seedlings grow too big for the plastic cups, move them to their first pots.

So how do you get around that?

Growing with bad marijuana seeds is particularly harsh on growers of all levels.

Check out the picture below. We sprouted all the plants at the same time. The tub on the right has seeds that were planted within a week of receiving them in the mail. The tub on the left has a very popular strain with award-winning genetics… but the seeds were more than 6 years old from when we first bought them. Even though they were all put into the tank at the same time and the new seeds grew like crazy, the seeds on the left got outpaced by algae – only one sprouted and though its roots keep growing and growing the actual never got any bigger than two round leaves even after a month!

That being said, sometimes bagseed is all you have, and lots of growers get lucky!

One of the best ways to ensure all your plants end up being female is to start with feminized cannabis seeds from a trustworthy breeder.

Even if you’re starting with the best, most fresh seed stock, occasionally you’ll get an individual seed or plant that just doesn’t grow as well or quickly as the others, or maybe you’ll get a super awesome seedlings that just starts kicking butts and taking names from its first moment.