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growing mexican weed seeds

In moderate or warm climates, plants regularly reach a height of two metres.

Mexican Sativa Regular does away with many of the prejudices surrounding sativa strains. Are you one of the people who think sativas are expensive, difficult to grow, and sensitive? Then it’s high time you expanded your horizons! Mexican Sativa can do well even in cold climates, and enchants with a powerful, energetic high. Since it also smells good, and is low in cost, it impresses novices and experienced growers alike.

Mexican Sativa Regular cannabis seeds are easy to grow, affordable and ideal even in cold climates. The tall, elegant plants produce weed with an aroma that differs from typical Haze strains.

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The powerful, energetic high is perfect for physical activities. The majority of smokers report feelings of euphoria accompanied by (uncontrollable) giggling fits. New cannabis users should proceed with caution. Because Mexican Sativa is not a pure sativa, it also has a relaxing component. It has a long-lasting effect.

The result is a plant based on 70% sativa genes, with elegant, elongated buds. The loose structure of the buds means they’re very resistant to mould. Those who know it praise the versatility of this strain. It can be cultivated in a growing room as easily as it can outdoors. But remember: these plants can grow vigorously during the flowering phase, which can last up to ten weeks.

Effect, flavour and smell of Mexican Sativa Regular

So how did we succeed in getting this exotic cannabis strain acclimatised to northern climates? By crossing an original, little-known strain from Oaxaca with the robust African sativa strain Durban. To shorten the flowering time and further improve resistance to cold, we also added a Hash Plant from Pakistan.

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This sativa-dominant strain gives you the perfect daytime high. Whoever said stoners can’t get any work done clearly wasn’t talking about Mexican Haze. After a few hits of this powerful stuff, you’ll feel immediately awakened and alert. If deadlines are coming up, use this strain to help boost your focus, clarity, and productivity. In many cases, people turn to Mexican Haze when they’re feeling stuck. This stuff can naturally increase your creativity and expand your mind to feel re-inspired by the same project you’ve been working on for weeks.

If you can’t settle on one marijuana strain, reach for Mexican Haze marijuana seeds ! This strain is a melting pot of different influences, including Jack Herer (the marijuana kind — not the actor), Acapulco Gold, and Haze. Mexican Haze is well-rounded enough to meet everybody’s needs and be a real crowd pleaser at parties. This marijuana strain is highly popular amongst seed banks for its explosive cerebral high. In fact, Mexican Haze won a prize at the 2013 Highlife Cup in the Haze Hydro category. #Winning

Mexican Have is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an intense cerebral high, perfect for feeling re-inspired and motivated by creativity to get work done.


Mexican Haze marijuana seeds are typically grown indoors but are capable of thriving outdoors under sunny and warm climates. If this is a strain you’d like to grow, keep in mind that it grows tall very quickly and needs a fair amount of ceiling room. A cramped basement won’t cut it! If you’ve been feeling stuck in a creative rut with work, we highly recommend choosing Mexican Haze marijuana seeds . Try them today — you won’t regret it!

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