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growing feminised weed seeds

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If cannabis is legal in your state, you can buy seeds or clones from a local dispensary, or online through various seed banks.

Make sure the area the seeds are in is warm, somewhere between 70-85°F.

Cannabis seeds vs. clones

Cannabis is grown from one of two sources: a seed or a clone. Seeds carry genetic information from two parent plants and can express many different combinations of traits: some from the mother, some from the father, and some traits from both.

The main drawback to growing from seed is there is no guarantee as to what you’ll end up with—if you buy a regular pack of cannabis seeds, it will be a mix of males and females. You’ll need to sex them out (more below) to identify the males and get rid of them, because you don’t want your females producing seeds.

Seeds can also form in plants with genetic disorders or instability, like hermaphrodites—plants that develop both male and female reproductive parts. Generally, stress and genetic disorders are viewed as bad, so temper expectations with any plant you start from a bagseed.

Feminised cannabis seeds hit the market more than fifteen years ago and gradually conquered it. Even the growers that were reluctant at first have given in to the qualities of these genetics, which allow the size of the crop to be calculated from the start without having to germinate more seeds than the strictly necessary. In fact, with the certainty that they will all grow into female plants, sexing becomes superfluous, which has contributed to their exponentially increasing popularity in recent years.

3. Overwatering: avoid flooding the plants with excessive, too frequent watering and allow time for the plant to “breath” between waterings. Overwatering and overfeeding the crop is not a good idea; more marijuana plants are lost to overprotection and excessive attention than to a bit of procrastination.

If you want to make the most of our best feminised seeds this season, here are six Golden rules to help you get the perfect crop. Ready? Let’s get down to it.

1. Too much care: if you are taking your first steps in cannabis cultivation, you might fall into the trap of paying them too much attention. What do we mean by that? Well, observing your plants and understanding their needs is good for them, actually it is crucial for a successful crop. That said, a common rookie mistake is believing that if you give them tones of nutrients, for instance, they will grow more vigorously. This normally leads to overfeeding, plant stress or overwatering. So just relax, learn to understand your plants and give them what they need, nothing more.

5. Nitrogen: nitrogen is essential for the growth and natural development of plants, so make sure it is always available.