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And what’s more, if you lack experience with growing your very own green medication, you may even end up suffocating the roots.

On the one hand, doing so will save you some issues, regarding the dimensions of your growing room.

A Personal Success Story of Growing Weed in a Cup

Nevertheless, not all marijuana strains will flourish in a growing space as limited as a cup.

As marijuana cultivators, we are often faced with numerous issues in terms of choosing and utilizing the most suitable growing space.

But on the other hand, opting for a cup in order to reach the harvesting point of tour green beauties also comes with some risks.

Fast forward to October and Toronto is back under “lockdown” again and all I have to show for it is an ounce or so of homegrown bud.

The trick is to put your hand by the canopy of your little seedling and if your hand isn’t too hot after 60 seconds, you’re good. This is why I use a fluorescent bulb in the earliest stages because you can get it super close to the plant without any damage.

For your 4 plants, what varieties (strains) did you grow this season?

Go to your local plant store and purchase rubber plant wire, it’s super cheap, you can sometimes even find it at the dollar store. Then punch holes around the rim of your pot and using the rubber wire, slowly bend the branches down into a wagon wheel so that they grow out horizontally instead of up, vertically.

Curious how you can maximize your own four-plant crop? Read on to learn which steps Jonathan skips and which are essential for getting the biggest possible yield from your plants.

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