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Green House Seed Company’s incredible genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding. All strains have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties. They also hold particular terpene profiles guaranteeing unique aromas and flavors.

One of the bestselling breeders on the Seedsman website, Green House provide a phenomenal collection of feminised and autoflowering seeds including their White Widow CBD Auto, which combines potency with medicinal properties, and their Super Lemon Haze Auto, one of the best reviewed strains by our customers.

Another venture that Green House are heavily involved in is train Hunters. From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the Strain Hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. The logistical challenges involved in strain-hunting are quite considerable, but Arjan, owner and founder of the Green House empire, has been devoting a great deal passion, time and resources to this task. After two decades spent strain hunting for the breeding programs of the Green House Seed Company, Arjan brings a wealth of experience to this venture. Strain Hunters Seeds are also available at Seedsman.

The Green House Seed Company is one of the most successful cannabis companies in the world.

Winner of countless international awards including 35 High Times Cannabis Cups, Greenhouse Seed Co. are global leaders in cannabis genetics.

A very well-known name in the cannabis world is White Widow. Greenhouse Seeds’ White Widow is especially suited for indoor cultivation. They remain slightly smaller and grow into a wide-shaped plant, with incredible white resin, good for a heavy stoned effect.

With 40 High Times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups and many other awards in various countries, Greenhouse Seeds Amsterdam is one of the most award-winning seed producers. Greenhouse seeds has a large cannabis seed product range. From sativa to indica and from haze to skunk. For each strain, all information you want to know as a cannabis grower is always provided in a neat way. Think of maximum height, yield and of course the estimated THC and CBD percentages. You can furthermore find movies on the product pages of Greenhouse Seeds.

The Greenhouse Seeds Company from Amsterdam is one of the most successful cannabis seed companies in the world. As winner of many international awards, Greenhouse Seeds Amsterdam is market leader in the field of feminized cannabis seeds.

Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seeds) 3 seeds

The most important choice you can make when buying cannabis seeds is where you will grow them. Will you plant them in your garden, or you prefer to grow them in a controlled environment? Greenhouse recommends Himalaya Gold as the toughest outdoor plant, because of its resistance against cold nights, diseases and vermin. This Indica-dominant hybrid tastes particularly sweet, and is known for its high yields.

Green House Seeds Company is one of the most successful cannabis companies in the world. As winner of many international awards, Greenhouse Seeds Amsterdam is market leader in the field of female cannabis seeds.

The versatile genetics is the result of many years of intensive cultivation. All strains have a unique characteristic. Think of exceptional medicinal or recreational properties or special flavors and aromas. Besides, the seeds of Greenhouse Seeds Amsterdam have not been genetically modified or chemically treated against fungi.

The Strawberry Haze lives up to its name. The delicious strawberry taste of this sativa-dominant hybrid, is indisputable and its high is invigorating. The haze flowers for a long time, and is therefore very suitable for indoor or greenhouse cultivation. Other fantastic cannabis seed strains are: