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grape ape weed seeds

Indica-rich Grape Ape marijuana seeds have a fruity flavor and are adept at easing stress and anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. This high-THC strain isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is great for most growers!

Watching Grape Ape while high on Grape Ape? Inception. This indica-heavy strain (a combo of Skunk #1 and Afghani) is actually named for its grape-like smell rather than the fact that it’s reminiscent of the purple-hued primate, and it’s known best for its carefree and relaxing effects.


Ideal for patients looking to treat stress and anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite with something all natural. With 21% THC, Grape Ape marijuana isn’t necessarily for first time patients, so go easy on it, or consider microdosing.

Grape Ape marijuana is beautiful in the garden, with dense, compact buds paired with deep purple leaves, a color that darkens as the plant matures. After a relatively short flowering period (between 55-65 days), Grape Ape is ready for harvest with indoor gardeners yielding upwards of 600g per plant.

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Autoflowering Grape Ape is finally here! This sought after strain has been only produced in photoperiod since it first came onto the scene, but now collectors can finally get their hands on these much faster automatic versions of the much treasured Grape Ape! Everyone needs a bit of Grape Ape in their life. This indica dominant autoflowering version hits hard and fast with a heavy couchlock, the session is best combined with ice cream or crisps! Just a few hits will send you on a snack train to couch town.

This strain has some very favourable attirbutes and as a result it is a popular choice for many collectors. The genetics were created by crossing over an extra skunky Grape Ape with a high THC automatic OG Kush. The dark purple colours from the Grape Ape came through to the new auto version along with some beutiful grape aromas during the end of the flowering phase. The yield sits around 40 – 140 grams per plant and the buds grow into large dense nugs with some beutiful hues of dark purple when located in a colder climate. From seed this strain takes about 77 days to fully complete the life cycle, which allows multiple outdoor harvests when located in a warm climate.

Automatic Grape Ape Overview

Grape Ape has strong scents of lucious grape that can be imediatly picked up as soon as the bag is oppened. The grape scent is very sweet and sometimes a little musky similair to the scent from an incense stick. A standard baggie can easily leak the smell out as this strain is espiacally stinky!

Like with all strains you can find a few different phenotypes, but all of them should contain some purple tendancies, be it the whole plant or the sugar leaves towards the end of flowering. The strain shows strong Indica tendancies in the formation of branches and thick, wide fingered leaves.