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gold mine weed seeds

The effect is narcotic and very long duration that input will take you on a ride that evolves slowly in a soft and deep relaxing feeling.

Its flavor is sublime, like wild berries mixed with honey. The exotic aroma is deep and pervasive, so it is advisable to use carbon filters if the crop is done indoors. Outdoor, Goldmine try to touch the sky and can end in a plant that looks like a giant Christmas tree. Abundant bright trichomes that cover the whole surface give Goldmine leaves the appearance of gold leaf.

Get ready to be dazzled! We are proud to announce the arrival of Goldmine, a plant simply amazing 24K. Any true connoisseur of cannabis will immediately appreciate this variety of Heavyweight cannabis seeds.

Goldmine is easy to grow, fast flowering and gives you a harvest at the height of King Midas!

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Without any training like LST, topping, fimming or supercropping, Goldmine will form a standard Christmas tree shape, with one main cola and good side and collateral branching. Indoors it will usually grow up to 80-120cm while outdoors, in sunnier and warmer climates or greenhouses, it can easily reach 200, even 300cm. Finishing in 9-10 weeks indoors and by the end of October outdoors, it’s a good choice for both hobby and commercial scale grows.

Goldmine from Heavyweight Seeds is a 70% Indica-dominant strain, growing fast, vigorous and tall – easily reaching 200-300cm outdoors – allowing for harvests around 1kg/plant. Truly a golden plant, available in feminized seed form, it usually tests at around 22% THC and 1% CBD. A sweet berry taste and strong aroma make it a great choice for medical patients and connoisseurs alike.

Goldmine: Cannabis Strain Fit For A King

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Truly golden in every way, Goldmine will usually test at around 22% THC with 1% CBD, with yields going up to 500-600g/m 2 indoors or as high as 1000g/plant outdoors. Goldmine by Heavyweight Seeds is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, a cross between Mazar and AK49, both strains known for their high potency and strong, long lasting high.