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goats weed pepper seeds

It’s shorter and slightly fatter at the base then the thai chili and it’s most dangerous when it’s black (right before it starts to ripen to red). Defying gravity, the always shiny fruit grows upwards to the sky. The leaves of this devil pepper are short, round, dark green and full of small white hairs. When looking at the plant from a distance, the leaves look almost grayish around the edges because of the white hairs. It’s not even commonly found in Vietnamese stores. Only some Viet gardeners dare to nurture these evil specimens in their gardens and we’ve been able to occasionally find the plant at some random Viet grocery stores and sidewalk street vendors.

These black cobra peppers (or goats weed) are spicy hot. Mom calls it Ot Hiem (Dangerous pepper), we call it the Devil pepper and others say it’s a thai chili variety. Though it looks like the typical thai chili from a distance, it’s possesses at least 3 times the potency.

Story originally published in 2008. Update: We know the name of this crazy spicy pepper thanks to your comments and talking to the folks at our local nurseries! It’s called Goats weed pepper or Black Cobra Pepper. Here’s a link to this goats weed pepper description and another great one here.

Black cobra peppers or goats weed

It’s true to its given common name because it is spicier than any jalapeño, habanero, Thai or any other chili we’ve had. It’s so spicy that our pepper loving fanatics have to take it slow when biting into these heathen chilies. We warned a certain individual (you know who you are) to wash his hands after handling the seeds of the devil pepper. He’s young vigorous man and thought he was impervious to any heat that chilies give off. Well, that was until he forgot to wash his hands thoroughly before he went to the bathroom. He was humbled to the fifth degree. End of story. The allure of these black cobra peppers is not just because of it’s intense heat, but because of its remarkable flavor. The distinct, fragrant smell is still something we can’t describe, other than identifying it as the “devil pepper smell”. But when it’s crushed into sauces and dips, it’s special flavor makes everyone wonder what the secret ingredient is.

These are VERY hot. Hotter than a thai, hotter than a serrano, hotter than most store habaneros. Probably around 50-100k on the scale. My favorite thing to do with these peppers are dry them and make flakes! They are the perfect pepper imo for that. They are usually harvested when green and black and cooked with. They really spice up salsa and all dishes. My selection is generations of selecting peppers for the blunt tip. An old mexican once told me thats how you know you are getting good ones. Some people call these peppers a Thai type, Mexicans often call them negro arbol or mouses tail. They are often even called black cobra. When I first got them I was told they were diablo chiles. They have to many names, but the most common is goats weed and black cobra. The plants grow tall and are extremely fuzzy. Pretty cool!!