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germinating weed seeds forum

this is the method i use for germinating, takes anything from 48 to 72hrs..

i just had a paradise seeds ice cream not germ, must just be bad luck 🙁

How about 400 watt mh? Ain’t got no cfls

The T5 will be fine for the first week or so, then have them under yer HPS, at a decent hijht from the plants (about a metre if 600W, then lower the lite every day till you are about 18 inches from the top of it.

for how long do u guys wait untill adding any nutes at all ?
i usualy wait for a week before adding any nutes after the seeds pop out of the rockwool.
somehow the last 5 babies didnt like this and died even tho i used 1/6 of veg state dosage.
never had this problem before and im devastated cuse i got my hands on seeds that originally comes from my own plant i had back in 2001.
the seeds wasnt 9 years old but clones from a super motherplant i had back then have been making ther ways to many beautiful gardens around this country.
Now i only got 5 seeds left and dont i wanna kill em cuse thats the only seeds left from best plant i ever had.

I blast them with the sink sprayer and swirl them around as long as I can take it. 3-5 min is as far as I can usually get haha.

A couple things I avoid.

You need the heat mat.

Disclaimer. For my science education, I went to the University of In the Field, where I feel I was out standing, but that’s just me! So take this as you will! If it helps cool, if not I can re read it and keep myself honest.

Now directly into a rocks glass with tap water and a drop or two Botarnicare pbp grow. I don’t like Super thrive, Vit B, etc because there is too much concentrated nitrogen. A few drops of base nutrient is fine.