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germinate weed seeds in root riot

A seed trying to push open from the inside is like a small person trying to push a heavy door open from the middle of the door, rather than pulling it open with a handle mounted near the outside edge of the door.

I’ve used riot and rapid rooters . but I germ in a napkin laid in the dome over
heat pad. Once tapp root pops I drop em into a rapid rooter or root riot.

One tip. Tweezers come in handy for picking up the seed, and inserting into the hole. And if your growing different strains. dont forget to make a "MAP" so you know which ones are which.


The seed is programmed to send the tap root out and up and then down. The simple reason behind this (for those of you who believe in evolution) is that if a female plant drops hundreds of seeds, which is normal, then only the strongest survive. The catch-22 here is that the strongest seeds also have the strongest shell. So only the strongest of the strong make it. When the tap root is forced to grow up a bit and then down to take root, the shell of the seed is then in the position where the action and friction of the seed shell being pushed up through the soil help to break the shell open and then fall off. This approach allows the seedling to take advantage of leverage to get the shell off.

99.9% w/ cuttings and 90.0% with seeds. I go to hydro or soil w/ them too.

Just a quick question or 2. Hasw anyone used Root Riot for seeds or just sprouted seeds? What did you think of it? I just got a rrot riot set up tray and am not sure if i should use it or not.

In nature, if you drop a bucketful of cannbis seeds from a plant, more than 50% of them will land with the big end down and little end up – due to the laws of physics.

Giving your seeds (and then the seedings) the best support from the very start, you’ll set yourself up for success come harvest. Here are the basics to growing cannabis from seeds.

Using a popsicle stick, tweezers or a toothpick, lower the germinated seed into a premade hole roughly two the three times the height of the seed. As you gently fill in the hole, be careful not to damage the sprout.

Where to Find Cannabis Seeds

At this point, there are hundreds of different online options for sourcing cannabis seeds . If you are growing indoors, the world is your oyster, as many websites are willing to ship nationally (or even internationally). Plus, if you master the indoor environment, you can recreate perfect conditions for even the most demanding of strains.

Fold the towel in half to cover the seeds, and enclose it inside a Ziploc bag. Place the entire tray on a heating mat, the top of a fridge or other warm area of your house. Cannabis seeds germinate between 71 to 77°F (22–25°C).

Before use, soak the cubes in water and rooting solution until they are wet but not dripping. Gently lower the germinated seed into the hole using a popsicle stick, tweezers or a toothpick. Be extremely careful not to damage the early sprout.