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germinate weed seeds in rapid rooter

Rooters/plant plugs are awesome for cuttings, but for Cannabis seeds it only seems like a slight step up from paper towels to me.

The seeds cracked so I placed them in damp paper towel in an enclosed tupperware bin. The tails haven’t showed yet (could they be dead) It has been two days.

2-3) inches. For this reason, and to prevent the media from drying out very quickly, it is recommended to start seeds in a container at least 3.5-4 inches deep. This way the tap root has sufficient room to stretch out from the outset. The seedlings also wont have to be handled so much. You can use Rooters to germ Cannabis seeds, but you’re going to want to transplant them into a larger container relatively soon after they sprout. Right after they sprout you should see a taproot hanging out of the plug, which isn’t really a good thing.


Is this going to work?

Also cut off a small piece of the plug and gently placed over the holes.

They are under 2 23w CFL’s.

Okay so I placed my seeds in water until they sank, but I also turned on a heater on the containers to get them hot (no heating pad).. the water got pretty hot for about an hour. Could that have been bad for the seed first off/killed them.

But in all seriousness, it should be no problem from here.

The “plugs” are made up of composted organic matter held together by plant-derived polymers. The Rapid Rooter plugs could be transplanted to all growing mediums.

Next step after they been transplanted is to feed how days after first seeds crack open would you start your feeds thanks

After germinating cannabis seeds

One other obvious note is that this method will be the only medium you can continue in.

In this guide you will learn all you need for success at sprouting your seeds.

Grow on my friends.

The “plugs” can be used in hydroponics setups the same way as Rockwool cubes.