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gateway joe pye weed seeds

A quick search on Amazon shows dozens of options for buying Joe Pye Weed seeds.

Proper watering for Joe Pye Weed is essential for it to thrive. Don’t allow the soil to stay dry for more than a few days. This advice is especially true while plants are getting established and during hot weather.

Mature Joe Pye Weed plants can be divided in the fall after they go dormant. Each plant has a crown with multiple stems. To divide a crown, use a sharp shovel to cut the roots in between the stems.

Where can you find Joe Pye Weed?

Native plants are also generally a more efficient and eco-friendly choice. Unlike domesticated varieties, native plants have evolved with your local climate and conditions. They’re well-suited to your area’s soil, temperature, and rainfall. They generally require less weeding, watering, and fertilizing than their cultivated counterparts.

Joe Pye Weed will also attract birds to your backyard. During the summer, it’s common to see hummingbirds sipping nectar from the flowers. Then once fall arrives, many birds, like the American Goldfinch, will feed on the seeds.

Native varieties of Joe Pye Weed can often be found growing along roadsides and in wetland areas. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can collect your own seed from wild plants near your home. Be sure to ask for permission before going onto anyone’s property. ?

If your plants have powdery mildew, it can be treated. There are some commercial fungicides available. Alternatively, there are a few easy home remedies that usually do the trick.

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This North East U.S. native grows 5-7 ft. tall, and 3-4 ft. wide. Leaves are arranged in whorls along purplish stems. They release a vanilla fragrance when crushed. Joe-pye Weed is a magnificent plant, likely to be the highlight of your garden for years to come. Winter hardy to zone 3.

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Enormous 18 in. heads of fragrant wine-red flowers in summer and early fall. Because blooms are loaded with nectar, Joe-pye weed is one of the very best perennials for attracting butterflies. Fresh cut or dried, flowers are excellent in arrangements.

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Grow Joe-pye Weed: Full or part sun, light shade in hottest climates. Rich soil, ample water. Flowers are nectar rich; among the best blooms for attracting butterflies. Hummingbirds also love them. Flowers are excellent cut for fresh or dried arrangements. Plants are rabbit and deer resistant.