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garlic weed seeds

Garlic Bud’s high provides an immediate calming and euphoric sensation, allowing your mind to buzz a bit before you hit the couch for a deep relaxation session. Garlic Bud has been noted for its ability to allow its users to forget about their troubles and attain a state of calm regardless of what might be going on in their personal or professional lives.

As its distinct name implies, Garlic Bud is a cannabis strain with a potent scent that is popular for both recreational and medicinal use, due to its unique combination of powerful effects. Garlic Bud’s THC levels consistently come in at around 20%, and it is often the pure indica strain of choice to cap off the end of a long day.

Garlic Bud is a potent cannabis strain that will boost your mood, relax your body and help you treat a number of medical issues like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or insomnia–just be prepared for its strong scent!


People who might be suffering from issues like depression, high stress levels, anxiety, mood disorders, or ADHD could find that Garlic Bud is just what they need to feel some much-needed relief. Others, who suffer from issues like chronic pain or have inflammation in their bodies might also find that Garlic Bud’s moderate levels of THC provide a welcome respite from their daily aches. And, this strain has also been known to help users enjoy a great sleep at the end of the night.

Lemon Garlic OG by Humboldt Seed Organization is a feminised Indica-dominant cannabis strain which allows you to grow a new high-end version of this Californian prodigy. If you decide to buy Lemon Garlic OG marijuana seeds you will find out a genuinely surprising plant capable of providing very special organoleptic sensations. Read more

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Lemon Garlic OG

Lemon Garlic OG is a cannabis strain obtained through a strict selection of True OG, carried out with more than 6 generations. The result is a splendid, medium-sized plant which gives off a very pleasant scent with hints of garlic, citrus and pine. Among the incredibly interesting properties it can offer, it should be pointed out that it is really high-yielding and that its quality is always guaranteed.


Lemon Garlic OG is a cannabis hybrid whose aroma and flavour stand out for being particularly appetising with notes of pine, citrus and garlic. The effect is very potent, providing long-lasting physical and cerebral sensations. All sybarites, OG Kush lovers and top-notch marijuana seed collectors cannot miss the chance to lay hands on this jewel.