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How does CBDfx compare to other CBD brands for dogs? Our in-depth review looks at price, customer reviews, CBD extract, and more. CBDfx offers a wide variety of human and pet CBD products. Their products bear witness to their commitments on transparency and they provide lab reports on… The CBDfx 250mg pet CBD oil is ideal for small sized animals under 20 lbs including small dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. Your pet will love the taste and beneficial compounds of this high-quality CBD tincture. The lowest dosage CBDfx option available.

CBDfx CBD for Dogs Review (2022)

CBDFx is a well-regarded and still-growing CBD brand, which has accumulated an impressive number of owner testimonials in a short space of time. We like the attention to detail CBDFx demonstrates with their carrier oil, opting to use organic coconut oil, which is a dietary supplement in its own right.

What we liked

  • Offers great value for money for an organic CBD product
  • Enhanced with natural flavorings and turmeric extract
  • Lots of detailed owner testimonials

Things to consider

  • No CBD-only option

See how CBDfx compares to other CBD oils for dogs in our review of the best CBD oil for dogs in 2022.

Who is CBDfx?

Originally operating out of the San Fernando Valley, Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers launched CBDfx in 2014. By 2020, they’d experienced insane growth, becoming the fifth-largest privately held CBD company in the world and employing more than 100 committed cannabis experts. Much of this success can be attributed to a continued commitment to small-batch principles, such as value for money, sustainable farming, and only working with organically-grown, pesticide-free, and non-GMO cannabis plants.

However, CBDfx’s growth is almost solely based on the human CBD market, where they offer a crazy range of products including recreational products like vape juice and gummies. For dogs and other pets, CBDfx have adapted their extraction, using a lower concentration oil that they offer in 3 different sizes to help owners dial in dosages for their dog’s weight and needs.

CBDfx: Key points

CBDfx Pet Tincture

Broad spectrum extract

Infused with curcumin and natural bacon flavor

7 cents per mg of CBD at largest size

Proudly cultivated in the US, CBDfx has decided to infuse their pet CBD with a natural, but vegan, bacon extract. While not all dogs have issues with accepting the taste of CBD, a bacon flavoring should help those more hesitant pups take their supplement without issue. They may even become excited when it’s time for their dosage.

Alongside the bacon flavoring, this CBD product is further enhanced by curcumin, which is the active component of turmeric. Studies on curcumin have shown that it can produce the same anti-inflammatory effects as NSAIDs, especially in people and animals with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. One recent study comparing the two substances found that 94% of those taking curcumin and 97% of those taking diclofenac (NSAIDs) reported at least 50% improvement. While the study was small and only lasted a month, it’s a promising result, especially considering how turmeric has been used for thousands of years in naturopathic and herbal remedies.

Note: You can pick up CBDfx’s pet oil in three different sizes. It will help to consider the size, weight and needs of your dog when making a purchase, however, CBDfx does a good job of maintaining value for money across each size.

  • The 250mg tincture for small breeds comes in at approximately $0.12 per mg of CBD.
  • The 500mg tincture for medium breeds works out at approximately $0.09 per mg of CBD.
  • The 1000mg tincture for large breeds works out at approximately $0.07 per mg of CBD.
What are customers saying?

Ratings: 4.9 (67 reviews)

“My 37 lbs, Indian pariah dog is leash reactive and anxious around other dogs and in new situations. I give him 0.25mL twice daily and it has improved his ability to focus.”

“Our 4 year old beagle started having seizures this year and just recently his hips started bothering him. Within a day of adding this to his food, he is back to playing and jumping on the couch!”

“I have been using CBDfx myself for some time and have been very pleased with the results. One of our dogs has a small limp from a knee injury and his vet suggested he try CBD as well. He loves the taste (we apply it on top of his food) and has been much more playful after a week of continuous usage.”

Shipping and subscription

CBDfx will ship your order for just $3.50, or for free if you spend a minimum of 35 dollars, which means that the medium and large sizes of the pet CBD oil will ship free. For destinations within the contiguous United States, they estimate a not-too-shabby shipping time of between 5 and 8 days.

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Our verdict

For such a large CBD company, it’s a shame that CBDfx doesn’t offer a greater range of products for pets. However, the oil that they do produce is a great option for those looking for pure CBD with added flavorings and supplements. A quick browse through the brand’s many owner testimonials will tell you that opting for a wholly organic CBD product (such as this one) is often the way to elicit the best results in your pup.


When products are purchased through our site, we may receive a commission. Always check manufacturer websites for the most up-to-date information. All our product recommendations are based on our experts’ opinions and thorough consumer research, including our list of best CBD oils for dogs in 2022 .

CBDfx CBD Pet Products Review: Are CBDfx Pet Products Good Value?

CBDfx was started in 2014 in the San Fernando Valley in California. They are one of the largest private CBD companies and offer organic, pesticide-free CBD products for humans and pets. The CBD they use is extracted from the hemp plant by CO2 extraction, meaning it is exceptionally free of contaminants introduced in older extraction processes. For total transparency, each product is tagged with a QR code linking back to a lab report detailing exactly what is inside the container or bottle. CBDfx offers a high-quality, well-packaged set of products for pets. Customers pay a small premium for their selection and formulation expertise. Still, many consumers may find the wide selection of options and peace of mind associated with a transparent, large company worth the added cost.

At a Glance: What We Reviewed

CBDfx Dog Treats, Tincture & Balm Reviewed

Who makes CBDfx dog products, and where are they produced?

CBDfx is headquartered in the San Fernando Valley in California. They make products for both humans and pets.

Which Types of Dogs are CBDfx products Best Suited For?

CBDfx makes several types of products for dogs. Dogs with joint pain, anxiety, or sore and dry paws may benefit from their products. CBD products are available in balms, tinctures (liquid), or treats with specific dosing for pain and anxiety.

Products are available at dosing levels suitable for large and small dogs of any breed.

Primary Ingredients (Good & Bad)

Hemp extracts are relatively new products on the legal market in the United States, and their legal status is still a matter of some contention in different states and parts of Federal law.

That said, research shows more and more promise for many hemp extracts, including cannabinoids or CBD. While preliminary, research indicates that CBD can help alleviate pain and anxiety while helping with inflammation. Since prescription drugs like NSAIDs can harm dogs, especially with prolonged use, CBD offers an alternative that current research shows is likely safe. If it works well for your pet (and we always advise that you work in cooperation and at the direction of a licensed veterinarian), it may be a better, safer alternative.

One downside of hemp extracts can be their cost – depending on the product purchased, CBD can be expensive for many consumers. CBDfx is no exception. The quality of their manufacturing, formulation, packaging, and marketing process is reflected in the cost of their products.

Ease of Dosing – Dog Treats

The dog treats were well-received by my two dogs. They are also easy to dose – you can break them in half without difficulty. They are covered in green dust that does tend to get everywhere. You may want to open the package/give them to your dog outside, or be careful to avoid spreading the dust.

Ease of Dosing – Tincture

The tinctures are supplied with a dropper. Droppers are commonly used, accurate, easy to understand, and make administering an accurate dose straightforward.

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Balm Quality

The balm formulation was my least favorite of the three products, but it works. It has a unique smell that is not unpleasant. It is somewhat difficult to get a film rubbed off on your fingertips to apply to your pet’s paws. As my dogs do not currently suffer from dry/sore paws (they’re farm dogs and spend their days running on grassy fields), I was unable to determine the efficacy of the formulation, but I believe it would work just fine based on the ingredients.

A Quick Look at CBDfx Products

Reviews of the CBDfx Products We Tried

The CBD dog treats smell pleasant and come attractively packaged. They are covered in some sort of green dust that does get everywhere – it washes off hands with soap and water, but I would avoid opening the bag or removing treats near any furniture/carpet where the green dust might be hard to remove. The treats are easy to break in half if you should need to do so for dosing, and my dogs liked them enough they qualified as “treats” in the usual sense of the word.

The tinctures are similar to other CBD tinctures I’ve used, and the flavor is such that my dogs took the tincture without fuss or need to “flavor” it with liver or another strong flavoring agent. This has not been true of all other tinctures/CBD liquids I’ve used with these same dogs. Dosing is easy using the provided eyedropper.

The balm doesn’t smell bad but it is hard to use. It’s a dense cake that is hard to get into a liquid form. Most of the topical products I’ve used have a wax base (usually beeswax) that is hard but liquifies when rubbed and it’s easy to get a layer off to rub onto a dog’s paw. This appears to be a plant base product and does not have that same ease of use.

All of the products have totally transparent labels with ingredients, and all of the ingredients appear to be of high quality and appropriate for the usage intended. I did not see any preservatives or other chemical additives often associated with commercially produced pet products.

Our Experience With CBDfx Products

Both my Australian Shepherd and hound mix enjoyed the treats and were willing to take the tincture directly without my having to smother it in liver (this is usually required for liquid prescription medications). They also ate their food with it applied without fuss. Within 20 minutes both of them seemed to be even more relaxed than normal, and the normally spastic Aussie decided to take a nap. I did not notice any negative effects. I think that CBD likely does have an effect on dogs as a relaxant. To my knowledge, neither dog suffers from arthritis or joint pain, so I was unable to see the efficacy of these products for that use firsthand.

I tried to get the balm out of the jar to use, but had such a time trying to get it onto my fingertips I didn’t feel it was worth trying to rub on my dog’s paws – it would have taken too many tries.


CBDfx offers a wide variety of human and pet CBD products. Their products bear witness to their commitments on transparency and they provide lab reports on every lot of product they sell. CBDfx gets our approval as a source of high-quality, well-made CBD treats and tinctures that are well received by dogs. Their cost is moderately higher than comparable products from their competitors, but their transparency and ease of accessing lab reports to feel confident in what you’re getting is also some of the best I’ve seen in this market space. I am confident as a dog owner that CBDfx products are of excellent manufacture for a decent price, and I would definitely consider purchasing more from them if I require CBD products for my pets or myself in the future.

James Davis is a pharmacist, husband, father, homesteader, jack-of-all-trades, and freelance writer. He’s always looking for new ways to make useful knowledge accessible to everyone wanting a better life. You can reach him via LinkedIn.

CBDfx Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Small) 250mg

The CBDfx 250mg pet CBD oil is ideal for small sized animals under 20 lbs including small dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. Your pet will love the taste and beneficial compounds of this high quality CBD tincture. The lowest dosage CBDfx Pet option available.

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CBDfx Pet CBD oils are vegan, bacon flavored, and contain superfoods such as Circumin.

  • Contains 250mg of Premium CBD Oil for Pets
  • THC-Free – Broad Spectrum CBD
  • CO2 Extracted: The highest quality extraction
  • CBDfx: Made in the USA
  • Not Available For Shipment & Sale into California

*For specific drop amount follow the directions on the back of your Pet CBD Tincture bottle.

From the manufacturer:

Application options for your pet from most effective to least:

1. Apply the dropper in the middle of your pet’s tongue (Most Effective)

2. Apply drops into your pet’s meal or treats.

3. Apply drops to your pet’s water bowl (Least Effective)

*Each drop of our large breed CBD oil should work out to about 2mg of active CBD. The general guideline is to use 1 drop for every 8 lbs of the animal’s body weight. For example, your 56 pound labrador will find their ideal dose to be somewhere around 7 drops per day.


MCT Oil, CBD Rich Hemp Oil, Curcumin, Natural Flavor


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