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fred weed seeds by mailbox

Same thing happened to me. Convinced they were seized. Showed up a month later.

Idk I suggest just patience and if they come they come.


Same thing happened to me. Convinced they were seized. Showed up a month later.

Hello, I know this isn’t probably the proper place for this post but didn’t see anywhere else to post this subject. So there are some seeds that were ordered and they say they have been at the US facility with no new tracking updates since it was received the 19th of December. My questions are 1. Would it show in tracking if seized?
2. Ive heard if they get seized that you just get a letter without any real legal trouble. 3. Ive read some places that they aren’t even illegal either because of no thc in them or "Souvenir " laws.

The Mail is literally broken right now.

Check out the Sacramento Vegetable Planting Schedule (PDF) (EHN 11) for a general planting timetable.

Artichokes are very large plants, so give them plenty of room (4 to 6 feet apart). They also make a great architectural statement, so think about planting one in your landscape. Do not be surprised if the plants slow down and go a bit dormant in summer. When the weather cools down in the fall, the plants should start growing again. Artichokes are heavy feeders, so fertilize them every month with a high nitrogen fertilizer.

Buds are ready to harvest when they are tight and plump. Cut off buds with 1 to 2 inches of stem. The younger the bud, the more tender it will be. If the buds have gotten away from you and start to open, let them continue to flower. As a member of the thistle family, the large purple flowers are a show stopper and attract honey bees. Click thumbnails for a bigger view:

Water artichokes regularly during the growing season. If they are grown only for ornamental value, artichokes are fairly drought tolerant; however, they will go dormant in summer heat.

Harvest cauliflower when buds are still tight and unopened. With a sharp knife, cut off just below the head. If heads become over-mature, they tend to segment or spread apart and the surface becomes fuzzy. Use or preserve right away. The ‘Snowball’ variety may be grown as both fall and spring crops and can produce good heads within 2 months after transplanting. See additional information about growing cauliflower (PDF) .