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flying dutchman weed seeds

The Flying Dutchmen shop location has been retailing top quality cannabis seed-strains since 1998 when this spacious store opened in its beautiful location, just across the canal from the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. The Flying Dutchmen company was founded by Eddy, an expert breeder who worked with original cultivar and hybrid genetics brought from the United States to the Netherlands in the Eighties.

Large scale selective breeding programs produced more exceptional hybrids, and helped to further stabilise pure breeding strains such as the original Haze and Skunk #1 (which became known as The Pure). In 1984 Eddy began making his seed-strains available to wholesalers and in the following years several new varieties joined his already impressive collection of cannabis hybrids.

The Flying Dutchmen regular cannabis seed range is mostly comprised of F1 hybrids, including strains such as Pot of Gold, Swazi Safari, Thai Tanic, The Real McCoy, Pineapple Punch, Fuma Con Dios, Arctic Sun, Afghanica, Aurora B, and Dutchmen’s Royal Orange. Flying Dutchmen also have two great Inbred Lines (IBLs) in their cannabis seed range: The Pure (aka Skunk#1) and the infamous Original Haze. The Flying Dutchmen feminised cannabis seed range features some interesting crosses such as Power Skunk, Edelweiss, Temple Haze, Blueberry Skunk, Nepal Kush, G Force, Voyager, Dame Blanche, White Widow and Flying Dragon. With dozens of these Flying Dutchmen Seeds cannabis seeds varieties available at Seed City for ridiculously low prices, all marijuana seed collectors will be absolutely spoilt for choice!