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Cannabis is one of the most profoundly beautiful-smelling plants that exist on Earth, and will certainly occupy bouquets and flower arrangements of the future. But what is it that gives cannabis such a unique and incredible aroma? Well, the surface of cannabis flowers houses tiny mushroom-shaped glands known as trichomes. These glands are essentially miniature chemical factories that produce secondary metabolites, molecules that contribute to the plant’s survival in nature. These molecules include the cannabinoids we know and love, as well as aromatic chemicals called terpenes.

Over the years, our skilled breeders have created some of the tastiest strains around. Our new releases for 2021 demonstrate perhaps their greatest achievements so far. These varieties offer sweet and fruity terpenes and enormous levels of THC.

It’s the terpenes that produce such intense and diverse aromas and tastes within the cannabis plant. Terpenes are not unique to cannabis, though. They are what give plants such as pine trees and fruits such as oranges and lemons such recognisable smells. These molecules are found in high concentrations within cannabis flowers, resulting in such intense sensory experiences. Not only do they contribute towards such amazing smells; they also enhance the action of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

As soon as Cali introduced legal marijuana Flavour Chasers headed straight over to produce the flavours of America for the breeders of England. This was something they had tried to produce in Europe but without the direct contact to the original strains things didn’t go quite to plan. It has been a long and bumpy process for them but after years of selective and precise breeding Flavour Chasers have got their strains at a level where they believe the breeders of the world would be proud to collection any of their strains! Flavour Chasers are always on the lookout for new strains and regularly coming up with their own crosses based on the most popular strains. Flavour Chasers do a lot of experimenting and although sometimes it doesn’t work out they have managed to come up with some very tasty and interesting crosses which are now produced for seeds and not clone only!

The Flavour Chasers journey has been an adventurous and at times tough one for the Flavour Chasers team. The idea was born in England with the team having the idea to bring all the best flavours across the pond from the US to the UK and Europe. Although all production is done from the heart of California Flavour Chasers’ journey started way back when in London, they were sick and tired of not regularly having the “flavour” strains readily available in the UK and Europe and they felt this was unfair on all non US residents!

At flavour chasers the only aim is to bring the best of the weed world to the masses and get the best flavours spread across the whole of Europe with new and exciting flavours which are always around the corner. Not only do Flavour Chasers take their breeding seriously they also have a hybrid hunter team who go on the hunt for all the best hybrids to make sure they are always on top of the game!