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feminized weed seeds mix

Please note: there are likely to be more indica than sativa strains, as indica varieties tend to produce more seeds. All Feminized Mix packs are prepared randomly, so it’s not possible to predict what strains (or quantities) will appear in each one.

Sensi Seeds Feminized Mix cannabis seeds are well suited for growers who want to cultivate several different strains at once. Each pack contains seeds from the Sensi Seeds range of feminized strains, including both indica and sativa variants. With this mix, gardeners have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of different cannabis plants, without having to invest in several different packs of seeds.

In colder climates, growing indoors is advised. However, those who live in a warm, sunny places can cultivate Feminized Mix outdoors or in a greenhouse. This means that a staggered harvest is an option, by simply cutting each plant when it’s ready.

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Feminized Mix is tailored for the experimental and adventurous grower. The seeds are not labelled; the only thing that unites them is that they are all feminized. When cultivating the plants, growers will need to observe which ones are indica dominant and which are sativa-based. This can be achieved by observing the leaves, and as the plants thrive, noting their overall size and form.

Effect, taste, and smell of Feminized Mix

Once the plants have been identified, indoor growers can put the feminized sativa strains into flower ahead of the indica ones. This encourages the entire crop to be ready for harvest at a similar time. Be aware, the heights of the plants may vary considerably, depending on the variant being cultivated.

Growth pattern of Feminized Mix

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