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female weed seed for sale

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Feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds, on the other hand, will only produce female plants.
These feminized seeds can be more expensive than regular seeds, and you also usually get less in each order, but they’re not as high-maintenance as regular ones.

The sex of your seeds is important because only female plants create flowers — and the flowers are what you smoke. That means that male plants are generally considered useless and are disposed of immediately.

Growing indoors is usually easier, as it gives you more control over the plants, so if you plan on growing your seeds outdoors you’ll need to find a strain that can thrive in your climate.

Buying Marijuana Seeds – The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient way to ensure you always have something to smoke, then buying your own marijuana seeds is definitely the way to go. It takes a little bit of work, but the results are well worth it.

In many cases, the worst thing that will happen is that the authorities might confiscate your order, but you shouldn’t get in any legal trouble as a result (be sure to check your local laws first, though).

4. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Seed Bank on the East Coast

This is a pure Indica strain, which offers a THC level of 20 percent on average. CBD levels in this pot strain remain low, and plant flavors range from sweet and earthy to spicy and herbal. Users report they feel everything from aroused and creative to relaxed and talkative with the use of this strain.

Growers often choose to buy feminized seeds online as this allows for the best selection. Purchasing seeds over the internet offers a convenient means of obtaining the products you desire, and there is no need to leave the home. After reading our customer reviews and speaking to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you will be counted among the loyal shoppers that keep coming back to us year after year.

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This classic strain originated in the Netherlands and is a hybrid of an Indian Indica hybrid and a Brazilian pure Sativa. Growers the world over love this strain, one that is great for beginners as well as indoor and outdoor growers. Expect high levels of THC and tons of trichomes that literally glisten on the surface of the buds.

If you still have reservations about feminized seeds, simply take the time to review the benefits to see if they are the right choice for you. With this option, growers obtain all female plants that develop high-quality buds. These seeds eliminate the need to check the plants daily to remove male plants before they have the opportunity to pollinate the female plants, and the full growing space can be dedicated to female plants. As a result, growers find the entire growing process becomes streamlined. Time, space, effort, and resources are saved by going this route, and beginners find it very easy to produce an abundant crop.

Cannabis has both male and female versions, which makes it a dioecious plant. Under some circumstances, a single plant may develop both sex organs and pollinate itself. This would be referred to as Monoecious (translates to ‘single house’) or more commonly a hermaphrodite. In this arrangement, an individual plant could even present as one sex and produce flowers of the opposite sex.