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fastest auto flower from seed weed

One of the fastest marijuana plants in the world! To achieve this impressive variety, the breeders have genetically fused a Lowrider #2 and a Ruderalis, resulting in a plant with a flowering time of only 6-7 weeks, with a very rich and powerful flavor, with an effect that will leave you really touched…

These are the really interesting ones, the ones that offer a great balance between speed and performance. The automatic genetics that take the least time to produce a large crop usually have a whole culture cycle of 70 to 75 days, and among them the following stand out:

? Fastest automatic seeds on the market

Among the descendants of the Lowryder, the fastest autoflowering varieties can be Grass-O-Matic’s AutoMass and Dinafem’s Critical Auto. These were two of the first autoflowering versions on the market and, although they were very fast, their quality was still not comparable to the current ones.

If you want to be able to harvest a little earlier for some reason, you also have products like GHE’s Ripen, which speeds up ripening by a few days in both auto and regular cannabis varieties.

One way to speed up the pace of cultivation is to plant the autoflowering seed in a small pot. When the roots realize that they do not have enough substrate they anticipate their flowering in order to be able to finish the cycle with the available nutrients.

However, the most obvious benefit of autoflowers is their speed. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the top 10 fastest autoflowering cannabis strains. The majority of these lightning-fast strains race from seed to harvest in 8 weeks or less, but one thing’s for sure; they all deliver top-quality cannabis.

When we hear the word “diva”, it often conjures up visions of a difficult or demanding person. However, with La Diva, you’re only in for a smooth experience. With some awesome parentage by way of Il Diavolo crossed with Blue Berry, La Diva provides some great features in the grow-op and the stash jar. She’s a robust strain, demonstrating great resistance against mould, and is easily cultivated in both indoor and outdoor settings. Taking an almost unbelievably short 6–7 weeks to reach harvest, she is still capable of delivering up to 400–450g/m² indoors and 50–100g/plant under the sun.

1. Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

Sometimes you don’t want to wait months to get your hands on some cannabis. While some may have the impression that a short growing cycle correlates to a weak and meagre harvest, this couldn’t be further from the truth—at least in the case of these 10 autoflowers. Delve into our fastest autoflowers, which give photoperiods a run for their money.

And enjoy you will; upon inhaling, a blanket of relaxation will immediately be cast over your body. From here, your eyes will droop with each additional hit, and you might just end up raiding the fridge if you finish an entire joint. And, though her scent is dank and Kush-powered, her flavour is more subtly sweet.

Having scooped up 1st prize at the 2018 Highlife Cup, you know you’re in great hands with this sweet and earthy delight. She provides a long-lasting high that harnesses the relaxing prowess of her parents, and will have you chilled out in no time at all. You can thank her 18% THC content and predominantly indica genetics for this soothing effect.