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Quick Sherbet by Exotic Seed is a speedy twist on the famous Sunset Sherbet. She flowers her fruity-fresh buds in record time and rewards with a well-balanced effect. A superb medium-strength smoke for any occasion!

As you may have already guessed from her name, Zkittalicious is a delicious Zkittlez cross that boasts three main features: her strength, her production potential, and her flavour. These make Zkittalicious by Exotic Seed a total cannabis package. Breeders managed to preserve the best properties of both parents to suit the needs of both medical and recreational users.

Purple Shot (Exotic Seed) feminized

Sir Jack Auto Pure CBD features THC levels of less than 1%. As she doesn’t get users high, she is a great strain for those who love Haze flavours but don’t really care about the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Mango Cream is an indica-dominant hybrid strain by Exotic Seed. It’s bursting with flavour, sporting a citrusy aroma with fruity undertones, with some phenotypes even exuding a slight skunky smell. It is a robust plant with obvious Indica-style growing traits. The buds grow in a Christmas-tree-like structure, and are dense and resinous, inducing a very relaxing high when smoked.

Hippie Therapy CBD offers rich concentrations of THC and CBD, making her the ideal strain for medicinal and recreational users looking to benefit from both cannabinoids. With a fruity flavour that just won’t quit, you’ll immediately feel the therapeutic vibes of this sativa-dominant hybrid.

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With over 20 years of experience to their name, the collective of breeders at Exotic Seeds focusses their attention on blending the finest Spanish and Dutch genetics to produce bold new varieties which bring all of the best properties to the forefront with none of the weaknesses.

Whilst the brand itself might be fairly new, the knowledge within the company is the result of decades of crossing, producing and rigorous testing to produce some of the finest strains available anywhere.