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easy ryder weed seeds

Easy Ryder cannabis seeds from the Joint Doctor are an F1 hybrid of Low Ryder #2 and AK47 Automatic. Both parents bring their best genetic traits to this cannabis strain and the result is a plant with good THC production and a distinctive fruity flavour. Easy Ryder marijuana is productive for an autoflowering strain with good lateral branching and dense buds. Easy Ryder weed is fully autoflowering and will reach maturity in around 70 days from the seeds germinating. Ideal growing conditions are 20 hours of light throughout the grow. If you are cultivating Easy Ryder cannabis outdoors you will be able to get more than one crop per year. Try planting out seeds every 2-3 weeks right up to 8 weeks before your first frost, depending on your local climate. Although not the strongest weed available, Easy Ryder marijuana is a great smoke and, as the name suggests, simplicity itself to grow.

What you’re witnessing right now is history. Easy Ryder came to be after one of the first legitimate autoflowering variety, Lowryder #2, was mixed with AK-47. Taking a whiff of Easy Ryder buds leaves the whiffer with a pleasant experience of ripe tropical fruit. This cultivar produces 19% THC, a significant amount for an auto variety.

Easy Ryder is a very short plant. Any plant with “Ryder” included in its name is a short autoflower. It takes Easy Ryder approximately 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, and it can handle up to 24h of light! However, growers prefer to give Easy Ryder plants at least 4h of complete darkness to allow them to rest.

Easy Ryder: Deriving From The Pioneer Of Autoflowers