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dynamite weed seeds

Averaging out at 19% THC (with a ceiling of 24%), Dynamite marijuana is an indica dominant sweetheart with a mouth-watering flavor and incredible bud. It starts out functional, with a creative happiness that comes in waves and is followed up by a full-body stone that can lull you into a deep sleep. Patients have come to rely on Dynamite for treatment of stress and tension, chronic pains, and to combat fatigue or depression.

Pressed to describe Dynamite marijuana seeds in one word, we’d have to conjure JJ Walker and his infamous catchphrase. Between its alluringly-hued pink and purple buds and its mind-blowing high, it’s almost impossible to nail down exactly what makes Dynamite so explosive.

Easily as vivacious in color as it is in fragrance and flavor, Dynamite marijuana is a crowd-pleasing hybrid with upwards of 20% THC and a short flowering period.


Beginner or veteran grower, Dynamite marijuana seeds produce plants that look fantastic in your garden (if nothing else). Short and busy trees pop with vividly-colored, crystal-covered buds that are ready for harvest within 7 weeks of flowering. You’ll know she’s ready when her pistils turn from milky white to immaculate shades of crimson and orange.

Breeder Stock and Packaging: We stock a vast range of cannabis strains from over 150 world renowned breeders. We deal directly with the professionals in this industry and every pack we sell comes in original breeders souvenir collectible packaging. The only exception to this is where you have requested one of our stealth packaging options. These options mean we will remove the seeds from original packaging and place them discreetly in a more stealthy way.

Seed Identification & Transportation: This may sound strange but we often get customers asking how they will be able to tell the seeds apart. When we send multiple different cannabis seeds we place each different strain in solid plastic vials and we write the name of the strain on the vial. Every single cannabis seed is sent protected in a vial so it will arrive to you safely.

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Sativa Cannabis Strains: Typically, Sativa strains have higher ratios of THC than Indica and usually lower percentages of CBD. They are typically taller growing with narrower leaves and are much lighter green in colour. Sativa Cannabis Strains originate from Countries such as Columbia, Thailand, Mexico and South East Asia. Cannabis Sativa effects you in a powerful and cerebral way and is known more for its head buzz rather than the Indica body stone. Effects can be energetic and trippy and most high strength Sativa strains are less suited to novice beginner smokers.