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dwarf weed seeds canada

All in all, this strain is ideal for those who are growing in discreet locations. For example, if you are growing on your deck, there is no need to worry since these plants do not grow big, and do not call attention to themselves. These plants may not necessarily be the highest yielding, but they can finish in a short period of time. It is an ideal strain for beginners, or for daytime use.

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One of the best dwarf strains available now is the Dwarf Low Flyer which is a short cannabis plant that is easy to grow.

Is growing dwarf seeds ideal for you?

As you may have already guessed with its name, dwarf seeds grow into plants that do not grow tall. There are a number of benefits to growing these plants. What are some of the best dwarf seeds out there? Let’s take a look.

Dwarf seeds are varieties that are smaller than what is normal for their species. They are small because they tend to produce lower levels of specific hormones, which are generally regarded as growth factors or growth substance for marijuana seeds, due to the role that they play in their development.

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There are a number of benefits that can be expected when growing from dwarf seeds. For one, it does not mean that just because they are short in stature, they are already limited. In fact, they are still known to produce a decent yield.

Royal Queen Seeds cites its grower’s individual experiences as the reason for their exceptionality as a company. These experiences have helped shape and mould their cannabis strains into what they are; unique and award winning.

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Royal Queen Seeds was born out of a passion for all things cannabis. Their founder had been involved with the cannabis growing scene for many years, expanding his knowledge and honing his skills. This, combined with a burning desire to make his envisioning of high-quality strains available across the world made the creation of Royal Queen Seeds an inevitability. The aim of Royal Queen Seeds as a company is to breed their own varieties of cannabis strains, ensuring that the best genetics are available for growers everywhere to cultivate and work with.


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Royal Dwarf Automatic is a very compact auto plant that was bred from a selection of RQS’ auto strains crossed with a Skunk. The Skunk female used was an exceptional example and the resultant plant was then crossed back to the auto-flowering parent in order to make it a stable auto strain.

Founded in the Netherlands, Royal Queen Seeds is made up of an experienced team of breeders who have lead the company to the forefront of the cannabis seedbank market in Europe. With popularity growing significantly, the seedbank hopes to become a global market leader in the not too distant future.

There are many strains in the Royal Queen Seeds collection that have gained notoriety. The Skunk XL and Royal AK strains are very popular for their robust vigors, powerful aromas and their general cultivation simplicity. However, Royal Queen Seeds have recently garnered praise for their Euphoria collection. The variety won first place for best medical strain at the Highlife Cup in 2015 thanks to its potency and well balance THC:CBD ratio.