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does winterguard weed and feed kill rye grass seed

I have more good news for you. Rather than raking your tree leaves, save time by mowing them to dime size just prior to feeding. This will help them “compost on your lawn”. This video from Michigan State turf agronomist Rebecca Finneran shows you how you can “throw away your rake” this fall.

You won’t be alone. Expert turf researchers will be doing the same thing with their lawns. For example, Ohio State University turf experts say you should get your last winterizing feeding down by the middle of November. Virginia Tech, Penn State and Michigan State Agronomists also agree that you get a big benefit from a November feeding. So, even if you are in the far north, this coming weekend is not too late to get your lawn fed.

Here’s a little known lawn secret: If you have a Bluegrass, Fescue or Ryegrass lawn, your grass roots are still growing in your soil that is warmer than air temperatures. Even if you’ve already fed this fall, another feeding now can really help build your grass roots. So put on your gloves and ear muffs and get out your lawn spreader, and feed your lawn one more time with Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard.

One last bit of advice. If you’ve got weeds and want to spread Turf Builder WinterGuard with Plus 2 Weed Control instead of Turf Builder WinterGuard, your mid-day temps need to still reach 60 degrees the day you apply.

For rye lawns with few weed patches, a high-nitrogen feed is just what you need. The high percentage of nitrogen promotes healthy rye while the slow-release feature ensures your lawn stays lush and green. LawnStar’s fertilizer is ideal in spring and summer, and you can use it on nearly any type of grass, too.

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Manufacturer recommendations vary because of differing nutritional content in their lawn food. But in general, you’ll need to feed your lawn a couple of times per season, except for winter. Of course, feeding in fall in anticipation of over-wintering is a good idea.

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