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does washed out weed seeds grow

Likewise, when temperatures are too low, this can introduce a whole host of its own problems, including inhibiting seeds from sprouting. Colder temperatures also increase the risk of other plant diseases. What to do about it? If you want to grow outdoors, don’t set plants outside too early. Instead, germinate indoors and allow your seedlings to grow for a few weeks.

Your seeds may not sprout at all, or they may emerge from the soil but die days later. Seedlings may suddenly bend and turn brown from a disease known as “damping off”. Overwatering, poor drainage, and lack of aeration will also increase the likelihood of this.

Believe it or not, hemp seeds are a major component of many types of birdseed! That’s right; birds love them just as much as you do. But birds aren’t the only critters that would love nothing more than to chow down on your seeds.


For more information on storing your cannabis seeds properly, see our blog on How To Preserve Seeds.

If you’re using a hood to keep moisture in, make sure there are holes in this too. Lift the hood frequently to allow for fresh air exchange. Remove the hood as soon as your seedling has shed its shell.

To prevent spoiling your seeds, avoid unnecessary handling. Use clean gloves and some disinfected tweezers or something similar. This will greatly minimise the risk of your seeds being contaminated.

Excessively high temperatures in your germination environment can lead to slow and stunted growth, and it can cause your soil to dry out. The optimal temperature for seed germination is a moderate 20–25°C.

Roots are capable of absorbing liquid with up to a certain amount of nutrients; think of it like mixing up some hot chocolate with a ridiculous amount of coca powder and trying to drain it through a paper filter; the more powder in the milk the less milk will be able to filter through the paper and eventually it just wouldn’t happen. If you use too many fertilizers in your irrigation water then your plants won’t be able to absorb anything, not even water. If this happens then your roots and soil end up with a load of back up salts and it will eventually die of thirst if this issue isn’t resolved. To fix this issue of excess salts you’ll need to wash out the roots. Then, once the earth or soil is dry again you’ll need to build it back up with extremely small dosages of fertilizer and little water until it starts feeding again. You can even use enzymes to revive old and rotten roots.

Plants get their food from salts in fertilizers, and you can use both chemical and organic fertilizers. We mix the fertilizers in with the water and then plants absorb them through the roots to then spread them around the plant. Usually, when you water the water and fertilizer is spread all over the soil and in some cases the water might be absorbed but the nutrients stick around in the soil. This is why we always recommend watering with fertilizers on and off so that the plants can correctly absorb the nutrients that are left in the soil and so that they don’t accumulate.

How to flush out cannabis roots:

Another issue that can sometimes happen is over-fertilizing with specific nutrients until the plants begin showing signs of excess. There are a lot of nutrients that can provoke this reaction, but macronutrients such as the famous NPK are more prone to cause such issues. Once you reach the flowering period, you might think that using more fertilizers will create more buds, but this isn’t necessarily true. Signs to look out for are dark green leaves and leaves that are easily broken and torn; this is a sign of excess nitrogen in the soil. If the leaves get wrinkly and thin, then there’s an excess of phosphorus. All of these issues can be solved with a simple washing of the roots.

Another way to wash out your roots is with specific products for said process that act like a sponge and trap all of the remaining nutrients and salts. This works much faster than just using water, as it leaves the roots sparkly clean as well as the soil. Some products that do this are Flawless Finish by Advanced Nutrients or Final Flush by Grotek.

When using this products all you have to do is begin watering with them during the last 10 days of the grow and then wait for the soil to dry before you harvest.