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does straw help stop weeds growing in new grass seed

The frequency and timing of your fertilizing efforts are also crucial to healthy lawns. Both vary depending on your lawn type and the length of your growing season. Most northern lawns need only one or two applications of fertilizer annually—once in fall and sometimes a second time in spring. Southern grasses might require three feedings—early to mid-spring just after the grass greens up, early summer and again in early fall.

Spread Landscape fabric and cut it to fit around plants. Photo by Saxon Holt

Water Grass Infrequently and Deeply

Tips on how to keep weeds out of the garden, add the right amount of mulch over weeds, and 6 mistakes to avoid to keep your garden weed-free.

Yes, you can. Synthetic landscape fabrics provide a physical barrier to weeds yet allow air, water and nutrients through to plant roots. Spread the fabric over bare soil around trees and shrubs; overlap several inches of fabric at the seams. Anchor the material with U-shaped metal pins, then conceal it with 1 to 2 in. of mulch, such as stone or bark chips.

Mowing too low weakens turf by reducing the ability of a grass leaf to produce enough nutrients. It also lets light hit the soil surface, which helps crabgrass and goosegrass seeds sprout and grow. Check with your local extension service for the recommended range of mowing heights for your grass type. Then mow at the highest level—usually between 2 and 4 inches.

If you have a specific seed varieties in mind, click on the Shop Seed tab and select any variety on our price list in quantities from as little as 2 lbs. to as much as 50 lbs or more. There you will find a description of the grass seed, the price, and useful technical information about the actual performance of individual varieties in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP)

If you are not using the Seed Express tool, you might want to review the information on "Know Your Turfgrass" before selecting your seed.

Step 1: Is your site sunny or shady?

To make it easier for you to purchase the right amount of seed we have a Seed Estimator tool and instructions on how to measure your lawn on the website too.