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does smoking weed seeds give you a headache

chlorophyl, nute deposits, and im high right now but cmt ? crt . another chemical in the plant, ranked as a + and – in every strain, dont remember what its called, but one act as an anti depressant, and the other burns you out.

Nutrients need to be flushed from the plant after the 6th or 7th week, cut this time in half by using molasses water to flush.
These contaminants make weed harsh and result in headaches ..

Chlorophyl can be pushed out by sweating in between drying and curing, by placing in a garbage bag for 12 hours, than hung for 12 hours and repeated.

Obviously mold is an issue as well, mold will give bad headaches and lung and respiratory issues.

Here are some of the published statistics from the studies:

It’s well-known that one of the critical causes of headaches is dehydration. But is dehydration a result of cannabis?

Sound familiar? Well, there are many cannabis users out there that claim marijuana can do the same thing in terms of resulting in a wicked headache.

The Facts About Cannabis and Headaches

While there is no evidence for the argument that cannabis itself brings about headaches, it is possible that other factors related to smoking marijuana can contribute. Whether you are out in the sunshine enjoying cannabis with your friends or having a heavy smoking session inside, there are a few aspects to consider if you suffer from “after weed” headaches.

Using common sense when enjoying marijuana will usually be enough to see off any headaches. Perhaps a particular strain doesn’t agree with you, or maybe you simply haven’t had enough to drink that day.

We’ve likely all heard of some of the side effects that are possible when smoking marijuana. What is less talked about, however, are some of the milder symptoms that occur from periodic cannabis consumption.

In this article, we take a look at the facts in order to try and answer this question. Can cannabis cause headaches, or are other factors at play? Here is all you need to know and more.