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does rooting hormone help weed seeds


Sure, you can cut stems at a 45 degree angle with scissors, or cut finely with a razor blade, or cut precisely with a scalpel. But without a dose of rooting hormone and a new home inside a propagator, odds are, plenty of your clones are already done for.


Ok, so you’ve decided on a clean cutting tool, invested in a propagator, and perhaps you have some cutting practice, albeit with mixed results. You have three types of rooting product to choose from; rooting hormone is available in gel, liquid, and powder form. It’s best to stick with the cannabis-specific brands. Some square gardening products work and some don’t. Why take the risk?

Clones are the best way a home grower can keep hold of dank genetics and continue to crop a specific cannabis strain long-term. Similarly, if you plan on growing large numbers of plants, cannabis cuttings are the smart option. Rooting hormones play a key role in cloning. Find out why here.

Cloning is consistently inconsistent for all kinds of growers, from novices to cultivators with decades of grow room experience. Taking cuttings is hit-or-miss for a variety of reasons. Although, to be clear from the outset, the number one cause of death for cannabis clones is the cannabis cultivator. Grower error is responsible for most clone casualties.

seriously though, I know what ur saying but no the seed has its own mechanism for germination. Weed like any other plant comes with its very own mess kit when first born. You could probably leave it be for a week before putting hormones on it. It’s a self running program. Thank goodness for that.

However, as I posted earlier, once the plant is established, you are basically wasting money by continuing to use the powder. Your regular nute feedings will MORE than suffice. weed is fairly easy to grow. Who am I kidding. I have grown literally millions of other plants, and weed is near the top of being easy to grow. Don’t complicate it needlessly.

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Of course yes u can. There is no time limit on using root powders. That being said the stuff is usually more costly than nutes, so at some point ur better off just zipping them with nutes, unless u want to spend more money on the grow. that’s ur choice of course.

That’s why I added the "it’s ur choice" bit Good Luck.

haven’t heard of any benefits regarding dipping seeds in root hormone. experiment with a bagseed, just for one plant and let us know if it shows any benefits between the plants you germinated the regular way and the one dipped in hormone