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For these reasons, many landscaping pros discourage planting grass at all under pine trees. But if you insist on making a go with grass under a pine tree, there are some tactics you can try. Additionally, other plants that might grow in that space, depending on your situation (and your luck).

Some plants are tolerant of the unfriendly conditions under pine trees, meaning they can handle shade and acidic soil. For best results, amend the soil with lime a year before planting to balance the pH.   Start with small plants to minimize root damage when digging holes. Be sure to space the plants appropriately for their size at maturity.

Growing Grass Under Pine Trees

Getting grass to grow under a pine tree requires dealing with the four problems mentioned above: acidic soil, little water and sunlight, and pine needles. To increase your chances of success:

Growing grass in shade beneath pine trees is no easy task, and requires constant attention. You will likely need to apply lime more than once, and it can take one to two years to have the desired effect of balancing the pH of the soil. It’s also important to keep the area free of pine needles, as dead needles are what make the soil acidic, in additional to blocking sunlight. Plan on additional watering to compensate for competition from tree roots.

If you’ve thrown up your hands and given up the idea of planting anything under a pine tree, your best option is probably using mulch in your field or lawn. Alternatively, you can simply encircle the no-growth-zone with an edging material and let the pine straw serve as your mulch. Extend the bed to the drip line of the tree to minimize yard cleanup. Landscape rock works fine, too, but it doesn’t blend with the pine needles as well as mulch does, so you’ll have to rake them up more often.

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