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do weed seeds smell

Ziplock bags are the most common products for storing weed. Yet these resealable bags are not 100 percent odour-free and airtight. They are more suitable for smaller quantities that will be consumed within a few days. Do you want to get rid of the weed odour and not draw unwanted attention from your employer or neighbours? These are the best options:

Weed odour can be a considerable problem for home growers, especially if they live in a country where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. When the plants start to bloom, the weed odour increases and neighbours start to smell it with often unfortunate consequences. The police are called and they are at the door in no time. This is annoying for the grower, but, in fairness, unwanted weed odour is pretty anti-social for the neighbours. How can you neutralize weed odour? There are several solutions. The best known is a carbon filter. They come in two forms: large carbon filters for the weed growing room and very small active carbon filters for joints. These are designed to make smoking less damaging for your lungs and to reduce odour during smoking.

Storing your weed in a mason jar is old-fashioned, but effective. They are large glass jars that you can open and close whenever you want. The beauty of such a glass jar? You can view the contents and admire the tops you’ve worked so hard for?

When do cannabis plants start to emit odour?

After harvesting, drying and cutting, it’s time to cure your weed. If you use a normal container, you can guarantee that your entire house will smell of weed in no time. However, weed smell is easy to prevent, you just have to know the correct tools to use.

Many novice growers wonder when the weed smell can be expected during cultivation. Of course, the more plants you grow, the more fragrance they will emit. Here is an overview of what you can expect during the different phases of the weed growing process:

Odour absorbing gels are another option.

This might sound like a bit of a silly question, but why does weed smell? The answer lies in the fact that cannabis contains many different compounds.

Eventually, though, the vegetative phase must come to an end. Depending on the type of plant, a shift in the daylight hours, or an internal genetic mechanism, will initiate the flowering stage. Over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll notice your plants stretch and show the first signs of flowering: small hair-like pistils at the nodes. As these become flowers that grow into full-sized nuggets, they’ll start to stink more and more.

As far as smell goes, air purifiers do make a bit of a difference. However, they certainly aren’t a panacea. We recommend including them as part of an odour-prevention strategy, as opposed to relying on them as an independent solution.

Carbon Filter and Extractor Fan

Growing the herb at home comes with many rewards, including the satisfaction of smoking your own weed and saving a bunch of money during the process. However, it also comes with a significant risk depending on where you live.

The combination of a carbon filter and an extractor fan works by diverting and scrubbing outgoing air to rid it of skunky terps. Whether you’re growing in an open room or an enclosed growing tent, you should position an extractor fan next to the air vent of your dedicated space. This device will pull air towards it and form a current that prevents smelly air from leaking out of doors or windows.

Some strains just don’t smell as much as others. Just as cannabis breeders have developed some cultivars to produce sky-high levels of terpenes, the botanical masterminds have also created varieties with subtle smells designed for covert growing. Some of the best low odour genetics include: