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distilled water for germinating weed seeds

Freezing and Thawing repeatedly will lower your germ rates. Each time you bring your seeds out of the freezer, moisture from inside condensates through the shell of the seed and evaporates. Repeated multiple times, will eventually dry out the inside and kill your seeds.

You have a seed with a shell. Inside this shell is your root and food storage. The idea is to allow enough water to soak into the shell, so the seed is no longer dormant. The water will force the root inside to expand and bust out of it’s shell, at which time it will need a food source to continue growth.

STORAGE: How to properly store marijuana seeds

The paper towel method is not a very good way to germinate seeds. It’s OK, and will give OK results, but it is not the best way. Paper Towels are not sterile, and can cause problems.


CONS: Planting directly in your Rock wool or Soil can cause problems. Soil can harbor bacteria that will kill your seeds, make sure you use a sterile soil with minimum nutrients. Big Block stores carry seedling soil which has the right amount of nutrients and is sterilized. Soil also dries out too quickly or grows mold if too wet.

– Fold a thick paper towel which is free from perfumes and dyes and position it on top of the plate.

– Do not use any type of plastic bag or any other method not included in this guide as it will void the 95% germination guarantee on our seeds.

Reminder: Most cannabis seeds germinate within 1 to 2 days while others may take up to 7 days. This happens depending on how thick their shells are. Each strain differs in their characteristics including the thickness of their shells. Please be patient.

– a glass of distilled water
– 1 plate
– paper towel
– tweezers
– pill bottle

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