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Devil Cream Auto Feminized Seeds By Sweet Seeds. The result from the crossing of two selected strain of our purple flowered varieties: Dark Devil Auto X Black Cream Auto. This tall-stemmed hybrid shows a great hybrid vigor and boasts a short flowering time of just 60 days from seed. Expect high THC levels of 15-20% and 0.8% CBD. These cannabis seeds are very easy to grow, strong and resilient. This strain produces copious amounts of resin with a powerful and exciting effect. A reliable and potent plant with sweet and fruity aromas and hints of incense and lemony citrus tones. With exciting new blends that defy the imagination, Sweet Seeds has brought the future of cannabis seeds to the today!

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The feminized Dark Devil by Sweet Seeds gave up to the dark side of the juice – indeed, this is a demonic plant with a strangely colored fruit. This black monster has been created by crossing the Big Devil XL with an exotic autoflowering strain with purple flowers, contributed by Buddha Seeds. After 8½ weeks of worshipping, this sinister beast will redeem you with 400-600g/m² of black buds.

The feminized Dark Devil by Sweet Seeds is a demonic plant from the dark side of the juice – the strangely colored, big fruits will make everyone’s eyes pop out. An exotic autoflowering strain with purple flowers, contributed by Buddha Seeds, has been crossed with the Big Devil XL and the result was this astonishing black beast with truly monstrous yields. The plants develop a strong main stem and numerous side branches – and they finish with a beautiful big central bud and branches full of nuggets, all of them covered with plenty of resin and highly aromatic, with a fruity smell and hints of incense and citrus scents.

Dark Devil Auto (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Dark Devil by Sweet Seeds is a real eye-catcher with its absolutely unique colors – 80% of the specimen have been touched by the dark side and show a beautiful change of colors as the plant matures. The flowers take dark reddish and purple hues and the leaves turn purple, in some cases the buds actually turn black – you will love those 8½ weeks of worshiping your sinister lady. Eventually she’ll reach her final height of 80-130cm and you will be redeemed – 400-600g/m² (indoors, 50-200g per plant outdoors) will compensate for your love and care and the loss of her life.