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dead weed with fuzzy stems and seeds

Control: Use a selective herbicide for flatweeds, spot treat with glyphosate or hand-weed before flowering. When hand-weeding, remove entire taproot (main root). To control flowers and seedlings without removing plants, simply mow.

Life cycle and reproduction strategies: Grows year round from persistent white tubers and rhizomes. Also spreads via berries.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Control: Simply weeding top growth does not remove this weed, which can regrow from rhizomes and also spreads by seed. Remove all plant parts to control. Can be controlled with systemic herbicide sold as Bin-Die. Spot treat with glyphosate or an organic herbicide based on pelargonic acid (sold as Slasher).

Life cycle and reproduction strategies: Leaves appear in autumn and winter and quickly begin to flower and set seed. The plant dies back in late summer, leaving behind the burrs, which contain the seeds for the next autumn’s growth.

Description: A green, grassy, perennial plant often found in poorly-drained soils. Spreads by underground rhizomes with small tubers (called ‘nuts’). Also produces an umbrella-shaped flower head in summer and autumn, then sets seed. Plants are 20-50cm high.

04/26/2021: Lots of them in my yard and along my fence line

06/23/2021: This plant is growing all over my back yard; short roots, not connected to each other; hairy/sharp thorns on stem, grows about a foot tall.

Past Submissions and Responses

07/25/2020: These are growing in random spots in our lawn, usually close to clover and in grass that is thriving, not the dry areas.

02/04/2021: Growing in my field. Green even in the winter.

05/23/2019: Plants are growing under trees near creek. Young plants are upright with bright green leaves, then stems become "hairy" and lay down more like a vine. The seed pods appear spiny but soft. Flowers are light purple or whitish. They seem to be quite aggressive and are trying to over run the grass by the creek. They look similar to purple mustard in some ways, but rounder leaves and different formation of plant. Attached photo is from last year with the forming seed heads. Usually sprout early spring and grow very fast.