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dead weed seeds terraria

Lily pads are plants that grow on the water’s surface above suitable blocks. They are background objects and are destroyed by most weapons and tools.

This content is transcluded from Herbs § Types. There are currently 7 different types of herbs. In addition to their natural soil, herbs can also be grown in Clay Pots, or within Planter Boxes . The Daybloom can also be dropped from Angry Dandelions .

There are six different types of vines: Regular vines (growing from Grass and Leaf Blocks), Flower vines (growing from Grass in grassy caves), Jungle vines (growing from Jungle grass blocks), Glowing Mushroom vines (growing from Mushroom grass), Hallowed vines (growing from Hallowed grass blocks), and Crimson vines (growing from Crimson grass blocks). There is no Corruption variant of vines. Vines can only grow above the surface (with the exception of Jungle and Glowing Mushroom vines which can grow at any elevation) and only from blocks that are not sloped on their underside.

Cactus [ edit | edit source ]

Destroying vegetation in a Surface or Underground Jungle Biome has a chance to spawn various Bait Critters that can be collected with the Bug Net (Worm, Grasshopper, Grubby, Sluggy, Buggy).

Cactus grows naturally on Sand Blocks in the Desert biome, and persists even if the Desert becomes infected with Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow. They can be cut down with any axe and can be used to make cacti-themed weapons, armor, furniture, or just be placed and used as a building material. Occasionally, a Pink Prickly Pear will grow on top of a cactus. In and before, mining the Sand Block underneath a cactus will cause the entire plant to drop, but since this is no longer possible.

Glowing Mushroom cattails drop Glowing Mushrooms when destroyed.

Grass enables many plants to grow on it, and covers most of the aboveground landscape. There are six types of grass: Normal, Corrupt, Crimson, Mushroom, Jungle and Hallowed.

Directly from the wiki:

Hey guys quick question. Is it possible to harvest death weed by just creating a new world and going to the corruption or do you have to wait till a blood moon or full moon to acquire it?

Deathweed blooms only during a Blood Moon or a Full Moon Desktop Version Console Version, or in the Corruption or Crimson. The time when it is blooming is the only time that it will drop 1-3 Deathweed Seeds when cut.

Creating a new world doesn't remove the constraint that it only blooms during a blood moon. The new world would still have to be under a blood moon for the death weed to bloom.