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If you’re looking for organic, full-spectrum CBD products Cornbread Hemp is a solid brand. Here’s why. Cornbread Hemp is a unique company that places great effort on making fantastic CBD products. Grab our exclusive discount inside. Don't take our word for it. Checkout the verified customer reviews for our full spectrum CBD oil products and see why customers love us!

Cornbread Hemp CBD Review (January 2022)

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Cornbread Hemp continues the rich history of cannabis in Kentucky, growing, processing, and formulating its CBD within the state. It offers full-spectrum products sourced from USDA-certified organic hemp.

Bottom line: Cornbread Hemp is a great choice for organic, full-spectrum CBD products.


  • Hundreds of positive customer reviews
  • Good product variety
  • Full-spectrum CBD products
  • Most products are USDA-organic
  • Transparent founder well versed in hemp


  • Low levels of minor hemp cannabinoids in many products
  • Lacking details about hemp source

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Product Lineup 4.5/5

Cornbread Hemp carries all of the popular CBD product types, including pet options and multiple potencies. But we’d like to see more strengths or container sizes for the capsules.

Price & Value 3.5/5

Most of the company’s products cost close to $0.10 per mg of CBD, which is fairly average. But many are USDA-organic, which raises their value.

Hemp Quality 4.5/5

Cornbread uses USDA-certified organic hemp cultivated in Kentucky, which is about as good as it gets. Our only criticism is the lack of details about where exactly or how the hemp is grown.

Third-Party Testing 4.5/5

Each of the products comes with up-to-date, detailed third-party lab reports (including terpene potency). But some products contain low levels of THC and other minor hemp cannabinoids.

Customer Service & Reputation 4.5/5

Cornbread has many positive customer reviews and we like that its founder is transparent and well versed in cannabis. But it’s a relatively new brand that needs more time to build its reputation.

Table of Contents

Cornbread Hemp Overview

Cornbread Hemp is a family-owned CBD business founded by cousins Jim Higdon and Eric Zipperle in 2019. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the company is named after the book The Cornbread Mafia written by Higdon, which draws on the rich history of cannabis in the state.

Cornbread offers full-spectrum CBD oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and pet tinctures sourced from USDA-certified organic hemp that’s extracted with ethanol.

Most of these products are also certified by the USDA, which means both the ingredients and the processes used are also organic. That’s quite rare and difficult to achieve in the CBD industry.

As expected, Cornbread Hemp also offers comprehensive third-party lab test reports.

Did you know? Published by Jim Higdon in 2012, The Cornbread Mafia tells the true story of a group of Kentucky men who grew the largest illegal marijuana operation in the US in the 1980s.

CBD Terminology

  • Terpenes: aromatic plant compounds with a wide variety of beneficial properties (1).
  • Minor cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, and other beneficial cannabinoids found in smaller amounts than CBD. For hemp, THC also counts as a minor cannabinoid.
  • Hemp: non-intoxicating cannabis variety with high CBD and low THC levels (less than 0.3%).
  • Full-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract containing multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This form of CBD is about 4 times more potent than pure CBD (2).
  • Broad-spectrum: whole-plant hemp extract similar to full-spectrum CBD, but with THC removed (may contain trace amounts).
  • CBD isolate: pure CBD with all other hemp compounds removed.

Cornbread Hemp Product Lineup

Cornbread Hemp offers full-spectrum CBD oils, gummies, capsules, topicals, and even a product for pets. Most of these are certified organic by the USDA and available in several strengths.


Cornbread Hemp carries two types of CBD oils in multiple potencies, one for daytime and one for nighttime use.

Cornbread Hemp Whole Flower CBD Oil
CBD Potency 25-50 mg/ml
Volume 15-30 ml
Total CBD 375-1500 mg
Cost per mg CBD $0.07-0.09
Type Full-spectrum
Flavors Natural
Third-Party Test View report

Cornbread Hemp’s Whole Flower CBD oil is a full spectrum product made with USDA organic-certified ingredients. This unflavored CBD oil is recommended for sleep and nighttime use and comes in two strengths: medium and high.

We like this CBD oil but it would be nice to see higher minor hemp cannabinoid levels.

Cornbread Hemp Distilled CBD Oil
CBD Potency 25-50 mg/ml
Volume 15-30 ml
Total CBD 375-1500 mg
Cost per mg CBD $0.08-0.11
Type Full-spectrum
Flavors Natural
Third-Party Test View report

The distilled version uses the same organic ingredients and full-spectrum formula as the regular CBD oil but with lower THC levels. It’s recommended for use during the day and also has 25 mg and 50 mg/ml potencies.

Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies

CBD Potency 10-50 mg
Gummy Count 30
Total CBD 300-1500 mg
Cost per mg CBD $0.07-0.13
Type Full-spectrum
Third-Party Test View report

Cornbread’s CBD gummies are also certified organic, which is impressive considering that gummies contain more ingredients than CBD oil. They’re made with full-spectrum CBD and come in a low (10 mg) and high (50 mg) strength, with 30 pieces per container.

These vegan gummies are made without high-fructose corn syrup, gelatin, or artificial colors and have a mixed berry flavor. We’re particularly big fans of the 50 mg gummies because high-potency, full-spectrum CBD gummies are hard to find.

Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

CBD Potency 25 mg
Capsule Count 30
Total CBD 750 mg
Cost per mg CBD $0.09
Type Full-spectrum
Third-Party Test View report

Cornbread’s softgel capsules provide 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD+CBDa. Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is the precursor to CBD which also has beneficial properties. These softgels are made with gelatin, so they’re not suitable for vegans.

While we like these softgels, we’d like to see more strength and/or capsule count options.

CBD Topicals

Cornbread Hemp sells three full-spectrum, USDA organic CBD topicals: a twist-up stick balm and two kinds of CBD lotion.

Full Spectrum CBD Balm
CBD Potency 10 mg/ml
Volume 50 ml
Total CBD 500 mg
Cost per mg CBD $0.11
Type Full-spectrum
Third-Party Test View report

The twist-up stick CBD balm is formulated with peppermint and arnica to help ease inflammation and pain, particularly from exercise. It contains 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD per container.

We like this simple and effective formula and the convenient stick design for use on the go.

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Full Spectrum CBD Lotion
CBD Potency 8 mg/ml
Volume 60 ml
Total CBD 500 mg
Cost per mg CBD $0.10
Type Full-spectrum
Formulas 2
Third-Party Test View report

The 2 oz CBD lotions both contain 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD but with different ingredients. The Menthol formula is recommended for providing cooling pain relief to joints and muscles.

Meanwhile, the skin formula uses other ingredients like vitamin E, lemongrass oil, and tea tree oil to support healthy skin.

Having said that, the third-party tests show low levels of minor hemp cannabinoids. We expect full-spectrum products to contain higher concentrations.

CBD Oil For Pets

CBD Potency 17 mg/ml
Volume 30 ml
Total CBD 500 mg
Cost per mg CBD $0.10
Type Full-spectrum
Formulas 1
Third-Party Test View report

Designed for cats and dogs, this corndog-flavored full-spectrum CBD oil has a strength of 17 mg/ml. It also has lower THC levels than Cornbread’s regular CBD oil because dogs are more sensitive to THC (4).

We’d like to see higher levels of minor hemp cannabinoids in this tincture.

Price & Value

The easiest way to compare CBD product value is to divide the total cost by the amount of CBD. For example, if you have a 1500 mg CBD oil that costs $50, its price per milligram (mg) of CBD would be 50/1500 = $0.03 or 3 cents.

You also have to keep in mind that different CBD product categories (oils, capsules, gummies, etc.) vary in price.

Here’s the breakdown of Cornbread Hemp’s prices:

  • CBD oil: $0.07-0.11 per mg
  • Capsules: $0.09 per mg
  • Gummies: $0.07-0.13 per mg
  • Topicals: $0.10-0.11 per mg
  • Pet products: $0.10 per mg

As far as CBD products go, these prices are considered close to average. But you’re still getting above-average value since most of them are certified organic by the USDA and are full-spectrum.

Hemp Source and Production Process

Cornbread sources its organic hemp from local Kentucky farmers. The state is naturally suited for growing hemp and has historically been one of the major hemp producers in the country.

Cornbread’s hemp is certified organic by the USDA and extracted with organic sugarcane ethanol, a safe and efficient method of creating full-spectrum hemp extracts.

On top of that, the ingredients and processes used to make most of Cornbread’s products are also certified organic by the USDA, which is no easy feat.

The company also claims to only use hemp flower to make its CBD extracts, highlighted by its trademarked “Flower Only” icon.

We like this but it would be nice to get more information or proof that most CBD brands use hemp stalks or other parts of the plant with lower cannabinoid and terpene levels.

We’d also like to see more details about the production process, such as the names of the farms where the hemp is grown or specific cultivation practices.

Third-Party Testing

Cornbread Hemp sends its products for third-party testing to Kaycha Labs, one of the largest hemp and cannabis testing labs in the country. Some products are also tested by Universal Diagnostics and Blueleaf Laboratory, two Kentucky-based testing labs.

The tests not only check for cannabinoid potency but also potential contaminants and terpene levels, with the results posted on Cornbread’s website. That’s about as comprehensive as it gets for CBD testing.

Third-Party Test Results

CBD lotion third-party test report Whole-flower CBD oil third-party test report Distilled CBD oil third-party test report

We always look at third-party lab test results to confirm that CBD companies sell safe and accurate products. We check:

  • The levels of CBD, which should be within 10% of the label (3)
  • The levels of minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBC
  • The levels of THC
  • Whether the CBD type (full, broad-spectrum, or isolate) is accurate
  • Whether there are any contaminants

We’ve added the latest third-party test reports for Cornbread’s 1500 mg whole flower CBD oil, 1500 mg distilled oil, and menthol lotion above. Here’s what we found:

  • The whole flower CBD oil contained 1625 mg of CBD, which is only 8% higher than the label, which is a great result.
  • The distilled oil had 1535 mg of CBD, which is only 2% higher, another great result.
  • The menthol lotion had about 595 mg of CBD, which is 19% more than the label. That’s not the best result, especially since the test didn’t detect any other cannabinoids that should be present in a full-spectrum product. But we did find THC and other cannabinoids in an older test.

All of the tests we looked at passed for pesticides and also detected multiple terpenes, which is a good sign for full-spectrum CBD products. It’s also nice that the tests are up to date.

Overall, the results are pretty good. But some products contain low (and in at least one case, non-existing) levels of minor hemp cannabinoids like THC, CBG, and CBC, so there is room to improve.

Shipping & Returns

Cornbread Hemp offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of delivery and it will issue a full refund.

The company ships throughout the US using a variety of shipping methods, including ground, expedited, and second-day air. There’s also free shipping on orders over $75.

Customer Service & Reputation

Cornbread Hemp offers customer service by email, phone, and live chat, so it’s quite easy to reach. We also like that its founder Jim Higdon is knowledgeable about cannabis, especially in the context of Kentucky.

Although Cornbread is still a relatively new CBD company and doesn’t have the strong reputation of leading brands, customers rate its products and customer service highly. There are over a thousand positive customer reviews posted on its website.

Our Verdict: Good Option for Organic, Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Cornbread Hemp is a solid CBD company, especially if you’re a fan of full-spectrum, USDA-organic CBD products. It offers all of the popular types of CBD products in multiple strengths at reasonable prices.

Another thing we like about the brand is that it’s not afraid to only offer full-spectrum products. While some might consider this a downside, we see it as a testament to the superiority of cannabis as a whole-plant medicine.

Still, Cornbread Hemp has several areas to improve in before being considered a top-tier company.

First, the levels of THC and other minor hemp cannabinoids in some products are a little low (less than 10% of the total cannabinoid content).

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Another small nitpick is that we found at least one batch of topical products that appear to only contain CBD and we’d like to see more strength or container sizes for the capsules.

We’d also like to see more info about the hemp source, like the names of actual farms or more details about how it’s cultivated. But on the whole, Cornbread is a solid brand.

Cornbread Hemp CBD Review

Whether you’re struggling with insomnia or are looking for some relief from chronic pain– CBD may give you the relief you desire. In some cases, it has also effectively assisted with people’s anxiety.

As the CBD industry continues to boom, several new brands are emerging with an excellent range of CBD-based products that people are finding help with what ails them.

This is where Cornbread Hemp CBD comes into the picture. In this article, we will break down Cornbread Hemp CBD, to help you determine whether this Kentucky-based brand is right for you.

Overview of Cornbread Hemp Products

Cornbread Hemp’s entire line utilizes full-spectrum CBD which we at CBD School fully appreciate. As you may, or may not know, full-spectrum CBD is the lone CBD extract that uses all the cannabinoids that the plant produces, including THC, THCA, CBN, and CBG, along with about 80 other cannabinoids.

Currently, the brand offers an excellent range of CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD topicals, CBD gummies, along with CBD for pets.

A few of the brand highlights include that Cornbread Hemp uses hemp that is solely grown in Kentucky, and that their products receive the USDA organic seal that certifies them to be organic.

Add to that, the hemp also goes through proper and consistent testing from several ISO-certified laboratories to ensure their products are third-party lab tested.

Another beneficial aspect of the brand is that they follow manufacturing guidelines that are aligned with the manufacturing practices at the FDA. This ensures that you can be certain that the product is crafted from the highest quality ingredients and are safe to ingest.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

With a limited CBD oil line to choose from, Cornbread Hemp utilizes MCT oil and organic hemp flower extract for all three of its offerings, Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil, Distilled USDA Organic CBD Oil, and AM-PM CBD Oil Bundle.

With prices starting at $35 for a bottle of 375mg/CBD, the brand is very affordable for such a high-quality product. Each of the three offerings comes in either 375mg, 750mg, or 1500mg strength. Many other brands have higher strength CBD oil options to choose from, and if you have been using CBD for a while you may desire something higher than the 1500mg strength option.

The AM-PM bundle is a combination of the two other CBD oils in the line.

Since there are no additional ingredients added to either the Whole Flower CBD Oil, or the Distilled CBD Oil, you will taste more of a natural, earthy taste when consuming, which some people like, but some people do not prefer. What’s great is that you’re not getting added flavors that are just added to make the taste more bearable, which also adds unwanted ingredients into your bloodstream.

Each product has many reviews which seem to be around a 4.5-star overall approval, which is pretty good in the CBD industry.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

With very limited products in their CBD capsule line, one product at the time of this review, Cornbread Hemp takes the stance that less is better. Produced with MCT Coconut Oil, full-spectrum hemp extract, and porcine gelatin capsules, each capsule contains 25mg CBD, along with 1mg THC.

There are 30 capsules in each bottle, and while the price is a bit high for this limited amount of capsules, the reviews show that most people really appreciate the simplicity of the brand’s CBD capsule offering.

Something to take note of is that the actual capsule is made with porcine gelatine which isn’t vegetarian or vegan friendly, so this may not be a product for those that follow an animal-free diet.

Full Spectrum CBD Cream

With a solid three-product offering, Cornbread Hemp’s CBD topical line may have something you’re in the market for.

The brands’ CBD Lotion + Menthol reads organic across the board when it comes to ingredients, which include, organic jojoba oil, organic beeswax, organic argon oil, organic safflower oil, organic MCT oil, organic vitamin e, organic lemongrass oil, organic tea tree oil, and of course organic menthol.

Each 500mg CBD jar also contains 20mg THC which many people will really appreciate. As with most of Cornbread Hemp’s customer reviews, they pretty much hover at that 4.5-star range.

The other two CBD topicals in the line are Full Spectrum CBD Balm, and CBD Lotion Skin Formula.

The CBD Balm comes in a twist-up stick form for easy application and is produced with organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic arnica oil, organic eucalyptus oil, and organic peppermint oil.

The CBD Lotion Skin Formula comes in a small tub and has 500mg CBD, along with 20mg THC for your healthy skin’s pleasure. The formula is meant to nourish your skin, and for it to be absorbed quickly so you don’t feel any unwanted residue.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Available in 300mg or 1500mg CBD formulas, these organic berry CBD gummies contain no high-fructose corn syrup, gelatin, or artificial colors.

Each option comes in a 30-count bottle and is produced with a small amount of THC.

Other ingredients include organic blue agave, organic cane sugar, organic flavoring (strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry), organic ginger, and organic beetroot.

While Cornbread Hemp doesn’t have many products in their gummies line, what they do offer tastes exceptionally tasty, and is pretty affordable, at least for the 300mg option.

We love CBD gummies, and these are right up there with some of our favorites!

USDA Organic Certification

Brands like Cornbread Hemp take the term organic very seriously. While the majority of brands throw the word ‘organic’ onto their packaging without going through the strict testing that Cornbread Hemp does by participating in the United States Department of Agriculture USDA organic program.

The brand has the USDA organic seal on its packaging, which most brands do not, which ensures that the products you consume have met a very high standard when it comes to being organic.

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Their products are sourced from natural ingredients and the brand ensures that no artificial agent is added to the mix. This confirms the safety of the product which means you can consume it without having to worry about any health concerns.

Cornbread Hemp Discount Programs

Cornbread Hemp offers many people the opportunity to purchase its products at a discount. If you fall under the category of one of the following you will be eligible for a 30% off discount code that can be used for any product that Cornbread Hemp sells. Keep in mind that when you click on the link of the category that you fall under, you will be taken to a page where you will need to give your name and email, and also verify the information.

  • Military – Active Duty, Veterans, and Dependents
  • First Responders – Police, Fire, and EMT
  • Medical – Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Staff
  • Teachers – Pre-K, K-12, and Professors
  • Disadvantaged – Disabled, Low-income, and Unemployed


Unlike most other brands, Cornbred Hemp manufactures a special cannabis-based oil that is entirely designed for your pets. So if your pup or kitten suffers from separation anxiety, bouts of anger, and anything in between- you might want to use this special CBD oil that is designed entirely for them.

As the product is completely organic you can rest assured that your little pet won’t fall sick after using the oil. The instructions for using the oil are also simple and you will find a set of straightforward guidelines on the label of every Cornbred product.

Popular Brand

Another big feat of Cornbred is the fact that it is one of the leading Cannabis brands across the globe. The shipping process for the brand first commenced in 2019 April. After that, it has quickly etched a solid reputation for its organic approach where only the flowers of cannabis are used to prepare the product.

Unlike a bunch of shady CBD dealers, you may find online, Cornbred Hemp is a reputed business and they come with an A-minus rating from the Better Business Bureau. We also thoroughly checked the brand for existing lawsuits and could find none from the FDA.

Flower-Based Product

This is another unique aspect of Cornbred Hemp. The product is based on flowers and the majority of their products including (but not limited to) capsules, oils, and gummies come with a high extract of the hemp flower. This is certainly one of the purest strains of CBD that you can only extract from a real flower.

The manufacturers address this concern by further ensuring that no additional products like small leaves, branches, seeds, or other hemp parts become assimilated in the final product. As a result, the products of Cornbred Hemp taste amazing and the results are excellent, to say the least.

Transparent Business Practices

This is another thing we loved about Cornbred Hemp. You will find several CBD dealers with shady names and addresses. But this is not the case with Cornbred Hemp. Since its inception, the brand has completely focused on creating CBD products that are not just high quality but also full spectrum in nature.

Their products are primarily sourced from Kentucky which also supports the local community there. It is worth noting that Kentucky is famous for its tradition to grow hemp over the last 250 or so years. The product is the highest in quality and you can be confident that the brand isn’t lying because the FDA administers its products and rate them well.

Subscribe and Save

Something to take note of is the option to set up a subscribe and save for any product that tickles your fancy. You are able to save yourself 25% on every purchase that you set up to be subscription-based, with the option for delivery every 30-days, 45-days, or 60-day. This is a great option if you find a product that jibes with you and you’re looking to save a little coin, along with saving yourself the hassle of remembering to re-up when your product is running low.

Great Customer Testimonials

This is one of the final and best features of the Cornbred brand products. Not only are the products high quality but they have also garnered positive customer testimonials. Almost all users who have taken the Cornbred hemp love it. You will find these testimonials on the brand’s page or on other third-party websites where their products are listed. Cornbread is extremely serious about customer satisfaction and they also have a dedicated customer support panel to assist you in the event of any questions or concerns about the type of CBD.

Overall, this is an excellent product for anyone who struggles with sleep issues or requires something to calm them down. The product is organic and is thus completely safe for adults and pets alike.


We are excited about this relatively new CBD brand. While its product line isn’t as robust as other CBD brands, we appreciate the slow growth of high-quality businesses. First, perfect your product, and then add other high-quality products to your line as you see fit. Cornbread Hemp is a brand to keep an eye on as the CBD industry continues to grow, so if you’re moved by their story and product line, do yourself a favor and grab some products to try today!


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