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congolese weed seed

When you grow Congo Seeds indoors you will need to trim the plants and use trellinets to keep the growth in height under control. The plants grow tall.

Congo is suitable for Indoor growing but can equally be cultivated outdoors if she gets enough sunlight. The flowering time is relatively short for a pure sativa with 10-12 weeks. Outdoors she can be harvested in mid-October. During the flowering phase phosphorus and potassium should be increased gradually from the 3rd week of flowering. Congo provides a reliable income of 500-550g per square meter indoors, and outdoors even 750g or more per plant.

The aroma of the Congo is very fresh, lemony and it has a fruity taste of wild strawberries. This hard hitting Sativa provides an energetic high up to 4 hours and has a THC content of 18%. This strain has rather thin, green leaves and produces a good amount of dark green or purple coloured, dense buds packed with crystals. She has a great flower to leave ratio and delivers highest quality buds with an unmatched and breathtaking fruity aroma.

Growing Congo

Congo creates a long-lasting cerebral high and provides an aura of euphoria and happiness that is sure to leave a smile on your face.

Congo is a landrace from Central Africa that we brought with us from our trips to Africa. We feminized the genetic over 2 generations and selected the best plants over a long time to create this typical original stable Congo strain. Congo comes from the tropical rainforest near the equator and grow there throughout the year. She is a very high-growing Sativa with a huge Headbud and few side branches. She has, due to their regions of origin with a very humid and muggy air, a very strong mold resistance and is not prone to parasite infestation.

Congo is an excellent medical strain helpful in treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Lime-green foliage is typical in this Congolese strain, with architecture quite similar to classic Thai Sativa types. Some specimens exhibit Christmas-tree forms. Limited intersex traits (less than 5%) are usual and nutrient tolerance is good, though limited feeding is necessary. Six to eight times stretch in flower can be expected. Tolerance for heat and humidity is good. Internodes are long but with quite dense buds.

Genetics: Congolese Heirloom
Sourcing: Genebank, via collector
Purpose: Ganja (bud)
Latitude: 4° S
Height: +2 meters outdoors
Flowering: 90 to 120 days
Characteristics: Classic Sativa-type tropical ganja domesticate
Classification: C. sativa subsp. indica var. indica
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor

This inbred Congolese domesticate is recommended to fans of old-school Sativas. For breeders, it also has excellent potential. Most importantly, this is believed to be a pure line that has not been crossed with Northern Lights or other modern hybrids, as most other seedbank offerings of Congolese accessions have.

A Congolese ganja domesticate collected in equatorial Africa that has undergone several generations of selective breeding in Spain, making it well-suited to indoors. Expect classic ganja aromas of chocolate, coffee, incense, and leather, with some variants more fruity and sweet. The tropical high is long-lasting and euphoric, a social and creative buzz that has calming and anti-anxiety effects towards its close.

NOTE: The photo is a staged colonial-era shot of Congolese men smoking ganja (‘liamba’). Even the better and more sympathetic Western accounts of subsp. indica from the colonial era are afflicted to some degree by the racialized paternalism this photo demonstrates.