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common weeds seed in kansas

Review the Sericea Lespedeza Control Plan or visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture for more information on Sericea Lepedeza.

Review the Musk Thistle Control Plan or visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture for more information on Musk Thistle.

Sericea Lepedeza

Musk thistle is the first of the Kansas thistles to bloom in the spring. Flowering begins in mid-May and continues through early July. Each head consists of many tightly packed rose to purple colored flowers encased in a series of spine-tipped, green bracts. The terminal (uppermost) head is 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter, solitary, and generally bent over or nodding. The mature plant is generally branched, with lower branch producing one or more heads. Flowering begins with the terminal head and progresses downward. Musk thistle heads are distinguished by their “powder puff” shape.

Bull Thistle is also common in Butler County. It is a hairy, dark green biennial plant that blooms from August to September. The shaving brush like blooms are usually purple. This plant spreads rapidly in pastures if not controlled.

Musk thistle normally requires two years to complete its life cycle (i.e. biennial or winter annual). Occasionally, the plant completes its life cycle in one growing season (i.e. summer annual). the typical biennial musk thistle exhibits itself the first year in the from of a rosette, a cluster of tightly packed leaves laying flat on the ground.

Weeds are a diverse bunch; there are more types of weeds than there are flavors of coffees at your favorite coffeehouse. For this post, we’ll focus on broadleaf weeds that are common in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

With this definition in mind, here is a list of some common broadleaf weeds that can end up in your grass or on your property, if you reside in Kansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma:

Keeping Ahead of Weeds

That’s why it’s so important to keep ahead of weeds in your lawn and in your landscape. Once they get a foothold in on your property, they affect the health of your lawn and your landscape plants by sucking important nutrients from the plants you want.

With that being said, Ryan Lawn & Tree has treatment plans for both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. When used in tandem with each other, these two weed control strategies combine to provide the best weed control results for most lawns in the Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma areas.

As they are masters at spreading and propagating, weeds can also quickly take over an area of your lawn or landscape – often without you noticing until its too late. And once established in that area, they can be very hard to remove without doing some damage to your lawn.