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cold weather weed seeds

Do you avoid growing outdoors because you live in a cold climate? Did you know you can still achieve a fantastic yield outdoors with autos? These five strains thrive in the cold! They also produce high levels of THC, delicious aromatic terpenes, and rewarding yields that will keep your stash jars topped up to the rim.

Living in a cooler climate doesn’t mean you can’t grow weed outdoors. By growing strains designed for these conditions, you can also enjoy the blissful moments of tending to cannabis plants under the summer sun.

Sweet Skunk Automatic

Autos are much more compatible with the high humidity, short summers, and cold nights of cooler northern regions. The underpinning ruderalis genetics of these strains adapted to their harsh environments in Russia and surrounding regions, making them perfectly suited to other cold climates.

But, what makes a successful outdoor strain in these environments? Well, speed and hardiness play an important role. Autoflowering genes tick both of these boxes. These varieties handle pests and bad weather with relative ease.

Despite their ability to adapt, growers should still be strategic about when to sow seeds and where to put their plants. Aim to sow seeds around April and transplant them outdoors after the last frost. Try and situate them in an area of the garden that receives around 8 hours of the sun, while being sheltered from high winds.

Whether you’re an outdoor grower living in cooler climates or an indoor grower experiencing low temperatures in their grow space, this strain collection has something which is right for everyone: from fast-flowering landrace, Indica strains to fruity hybrids of well loved classics. The quintessential strain for cold climates doesn’t allow its growth to be affected by plunging temperatures, has a high mold and pest resistance and a relatively short flowering period due to the Northern Hemisphere having summers which are shorter and colder than elsewhere in the world. Here is some general information about strains in this collection:

One of the key benefits of growing in colder climates is the abundance of cyano-pigment production towards the end of the flowering cycle whether on the stems, leaves and/or buds. These purple hues are contrasted by a dense layer of bright white sticky trichomes and arise due a combination of genetics and environment.

What Makes A Strain Good For Cold Climates?

Cannabis has grown naturally around the world for thousands of years and its hardy nature has allowed it to adapt to various climates. It is through acclimation to the climate that we get genetic variances such as Indica and Sativa. The Northern Hemisphere has shorter summers and so strains suited to these regions will have evolved to have shorter flowering periods and be able to withstand cooler growing conditions while still maintaining steady high-quality cannabis production.

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