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cheesus weed seeds

Outdoors, Cheesus will do well in a warm sunny climate like that of Southern Europe and can produce a harvest of up to one kilogram per plant. Due to the longish flowering period, harvest comes in late October.

Indica dominant Cheesus is a strain whose name has a bit of wit. It’s a cross between Big Buddha Cheese and God Bud, and obviously, its name plays on the religious connotations of its two genetic parents. And illustrious parents they both are since each has won awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cheesus seeds produce plants of medium height that grow to no more than 120 centimetres with broad, jungle-green leaves and tight buds with a conical shape and a covering of orange to brown hairs. The plants are robust, which they need to be to support the heavy buds. THC content ranges from 16 to 18 percent.

Cheesus weed has a pungent, skunky smell and once you light it up you’ll taste sweet spices, incense and hints of pine forest and newly turned earth. The high comes on quickly as a euphoric body stone combined with a powerful cerebral buzz. Medical practitioners recommend it for muscular pain, stress and poor appetite.

Cheesus weed is a vigorous indoor grower and it thrives with the SOG system whether you grow it in hydro or soil. Flowering time is in the longer end of the range, from nine to 12 weeks, and yields are around 400 to 500 grams per square metre.

In terms of yield and potency, Cheesus lives up to the expectations created by its highly respected parents. It’s quite easy to grow, although it requires some patience because of its flowering time.

Indica Cannabis Strains: Typically Indica Strains have higher ratios of CBD content than Sativa and slightly lower rates of THC. They are typically shorter in height with big broad fan leaves and very dense Buds. Plants grow typically uniformed and of a darker green colour. Indica marijuana strains originate from the hash making countries such as Afghanistan, Morocco, Tibet and parts of India. They are often very resinous plants ideally suited to making pollen for the connoisseur hash lovers. The high is more associated with a body stone, very relaxing and for the laid-back smokers who want to sit back and chill.

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High THC Sativa strains medicinally are suited to those looking for spiritual wisdom and creativity. Sativa Strains are more uplifting and psychedelic in the high they offer. If you are a sufferer of Paranoia and Anxiety be careful with high strength Sativa Strains as they may increase these symptoms.

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