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cheese weed ungrown seed

When growing indoors it is advised to place them on 18/6 for the first two weeks allowing them to grow. After which you place them on 12/12 for the duration of the flowering time. During this period they will reach an approximate plant height of 110 cm/ 43 inch. Outdoors they can reach a height of up to 210 cm / 83 inch.

About a decade ago Creator first stumbled upon this remarkable strain. Pleasantly surprised by the combination of the extraordinary flavor combined with the intensity of its effect, he instantly knew this was something special and decided to explore some options.

Since Cheese plants give off a rather pungent odor, especially at the end of the flowering period, investing in a proper carbon filter is essential to counteract the prominent fragrance.

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Our Cheese feminized is an Indica-dominant that originated from the original UK Exodus Cheese. Cheese feminized is one of the easiest and rewarding strains to grow. A quick and compact heavy yielder that provides you with large, vigorous buds. This world-renowned strain will dazzle you with her very distinct flavors and the pungent aroma of old cheese with hints of fresh flowers. only offers high-quality Cheese Feminized seeds. If you buy five seeds, you will get five plants. Of course, we trust you to create the best atmosphere for growing your Cheese Feminized strain. We also sell high-quality products to optimize your results when growing your own Cheese weed.

After doing some research creator found the original UK Exodus cheese which forms the basis for his current creation. He took his time until he finally selected the perfect mother out of more than a hundred plants. The specimen he chose not only excelled in her scent and beautiful leaves but also offers a THC percentage of 22%.

Cheese cannabis seeds are available in quantities of 5 seeds, 10 seeds, or 20 seeds.

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For these seeds the best clone of the English Cheese has been selected and crossed with the thick Skunk no.1. We have been working to stabilize the plant and to improve the yield, while maintaining its unique taste and aroma. After all the time and effort we put into the Super Cheese, something beautiful came out of it. It is a stable hybrid plant that flowers quickly in 7 to 8 weeks. Because of its Afghani kinship it is an indica dominant plant. Super Cheese cannabis seeds are a 60% indica budding variety. Genotype: Skunk no. 1 (Afghani x Skunk no. 1). The plant has a natural and pungent aroma. The taste is sweet and skunky. The plant flowers fast and has a large yield with compact buds. The high is happy with a mild body buzz. The THC level is potentially medium-high (15%).
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Super Cheese cannabis seeds