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cheap ak 49 weed seeds

As the name would suggest, AK-49 comes from the gene pool of the classic marijuana strain known all over the world, AK-47. This plant is easy to grow, mellow to handle and looks great while growing too.

AK-49 is a strain that might want you to go to bed, but not without a big smile on your face.

AK-49 (Vision Seeds) feminized

Top buds from AK-49 should be tight and compact with a sparkling coating of resin glands all over. The smell is a spicy, skunky, type aroma with a hint of pine fresh, and the flavour comes through even more than the smell. Experienced users will find AK-49 a pleasant smoke at any time of the day whereas smokers with a lower tolerance might want to leave this till bed time.

AK-49 is generally grown indoors hydro or soil, doesn’t matter, success can come with both. Outdoors she requires a mild climate like Spain, Italy or California which can sustain the longer grow time of 12 weeks. Average height is about 50-70cm with a yield of 450g per metre squared.

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AK-49 – Easy-to-Grow and Monstrous Effects

Named after the notorious AK-47 cannabis strain during the early 1990s, this Sativa-dominant feminized queen is not only known for her strong and uplifting effect, but also its therapeutic use in the treatment of pain, nausea, arthritic depression, and headaches. Born from the union between a Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani, this flavorful cannabis strain features high THC levels and can yield well in virtually all weather conditions.

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She is a feminized brand of Vision Seeds with a fast flowering period of 9 weeks that survives with little to no care. She possesses a 50cm indoor height while getting as tall as 80cm outdoor.