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With marijuana now being legalized all within Canada, it is important to know its effects on your beloved pets. We all know it is a popular recreational (and human medicinal) plant smoked and consumed by millions of people throughout the world. Unfortunately, humans can sometimes absentmindedly leave these products in… This page gives information on CBD use in pets in Canada. It also gives symptoms or side effects of THC or cannabis use in pets. Buy lab-tested CBD, Hemp & Cannabis Products for Pets online securely in Canada. Discreet mail-order delivery. Quantity discounts and free shipping available!

Marijuana Toxicity and Your Pet

With marijuana now being legalized all within Canada, it is important to know its effects on your beloved pets. We all know it is a popular recreational (and human medicinal) plant smoked and consumed by millions of people throughout the world. Unfortunately, humans can sometimes absentmindedly leave these products in locations accessible to their curious pets, leading to ingestion.

Additional Common Names: Indian Hemp, Hashish
Scientific Name: Cannabis sativa
Family: Cannabaceae
Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Cats, Toxic to HorsesToxic Principles: Delta-9-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Marijuana consists of the dried leaves and tops of the Cannabis sativa plant, while “hemp” is a term generally reserved for the stems. Cannabinoids are the active marijuana-derived substances that have pharmaceutical activity. The psychoactive chemical that makes marijuana a recreational drug is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly called THC. It also happens to be the chemical that is harmful towards our pets, should it be ingested, or even heavily inhaled.

Another cannabinoid chemical is cannabidiol, commonly referred to as “CBD”, this is not considered recreational as it is prescribed in a medical nature within human medicine. CBD has been used in the human medical field to mitigate anxiety, improve appetite, relieve nausea, control seizures of specific types, as well as assist in sleep disorders.

Medical Marijuana Products For Pet Use
A large variety of CBD products are available for human use both online and through dispensaries. With the legalization of marijuana, we must be careful, aware, and pay close attention as some products are being marketed for pet use. There are several reasons to be cautious about using these products. Here are some to consider:

  • The FDA does not recognize any of these products as legal for veterinary use, and thus their manufacturers are not required to show them to be effective. Similarly, they are not required to contain the amount of active ingredient they claim to have. There have been several studies where, in numerous cases, certain CBD oils were found to contain no CBD whatsoever.
  • Cannabinoids are popular for intolerance effects. It means that an effective dose soon becomes ineffective as the body becomes tolerant to the medication and therefore more is needed to obtain the desired effect.
  • Despite marijuana being legal for human consumption, it is not yet legal for your veterinarian to prescribe any of these cannabinoid products.
  • Research involving cannabinoid use in pets is quite sparse, so until research gets underway and more is published, proper regimes for pets are not currently available.

Be aware that cannabinoids will interact with other medications, so if you plan to use any of these products on your pets, please be sure your veterinarian is aware that you are doing so.

Cases that involve marijuana toxicity are generally seen in dogs that have inadvertently eaten a stash of marijuana. In dogs, clinical signs typically begin 30 to 90 minutes after the marijuana has been ingested. Due to the fact that THC is stored in the body’s fat deposits, the effects of marijuana consumption can last for several days.

Signs include incoordination and listlessness, along with dilated (large) pupils, slow heart rate and sometimes urinary incontinence. A characteristic startle reaction has been described where the pet appears drowsy and even may begin to fall over but catches balance.

It is crucial for all the relevant exposure information to be given to your veterinarian if the pet is to be helped accordingly; veterinarians are not obligated to report anything to local police. If you know marijuana (or any other form of drugs) was involved in an intoxication you must tell the attending doctor.

Although there is no true antidote for marijuana toxicity, veterinarians can give supportive care to help the pet through the clinical signs.

However, if it has been less than 30 minutes since the marijuana has been consumed it may be possible to induce vomiting after symptoms have started through the nausea control properties of the cannabidiol make it difficult to induce vomiting. Furthermore, if the patient is extremely sedated, vomiting can be dangerous as vomit can be inhaled and cause serious and deadly aspiration pneumonia.

Activated charcoal is a black liquid material used in the treatment of poisoning. Activated charcoal is given orally and as it passes from one end of the GI tract to the other. Toxins are trapped in the charcoal so that when the charcoal passes from the patient, the toxins pass too. This technique of detoxification may be used to treat marijuana toxicity if ingestion has occurred recently.

Fluid support and keeping the patient warm may also be needed. If the patient has lost consciousness, then more intense observation and support are required. The chance of fatality is statistically small but still possible. In most cases, the patient can simply be confined to prevent injury until the THC wears off.

Prevention is Best
The best way to avoid illness secondary to toxic exposure to any substance, including marijuana, is through prevention. Owners must pet-proof their homes with the same effort and attention to detail as they would baby proof for a human child.

Pets are intrigued by all sorts of smells, sounds and appearances, often curiously using their noses and mouths to evaluate anything within reach. As well some pets like to get into mischief if they are left home alone with separation anxiety, or are just flat out bored and are wanting something to entertain themselves with.

CBD and THC in Pets

Cannabis, has been prominent in pet news recently due to the rise of its medicinal use in people. Its legalization across Canada has increased the likelihood of your pet becoming accidentally exposed to cannabis as well. You can read about 2 main components of Cannabis in this article: THC and CBD .

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CBD in Pets

There is currently very limited trial data of CBD use in pets. The Q and A’s below will help you understand a little bit about CBD and it’s availability for pets in Canada.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of different chemical constituents, such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Currently, over 100 chemical substances collectively known as cannabinoids have been identified. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these cannabinoids. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the most well-known cannabinoid in cannabis, responsible for the high or intoxication of consuming cannabis – CBD does not produce a high or intoxicating effect.

However, there is some evidence that CBD may influence some of the effects that THC has on the brain. CBD is also being studied for its possible therapeutic uses; it has received market approval in the United States for two severe forms of epilepsy for humans. CBD can be found in varieties of the cannabis plant, including hemp plants.

What is the difference between Cannabis oil and Hemp-Seed oil? Does Hemp-Seed contain CBD?

It is important to note that “cannabis oil” is a product that consists of cannabis (usually in the form of a THC and/or CBD-rich extract derived from the leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant, which can include plants classified as industrial hemp) and a vegetable-based or plant-based oil (such as canola, olive, grape seed, or hemp-seed oil). Cannabis oil is one of the 5 classes of cannabis (i.e. fresh cannabis, dried cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis plants and cannabis seeds) that can be legally sold by provincially-authorized retailers as of 2018.

Hemp-seed oil is distinct from cannabis oil. Hemp-seed oil refers to oil derived from pressing the grain or seed of hemp plants (processed similar to other oil seeds, like canola) and contains very little THC (no more than 10 ug/g of THC) and negligible amounts of CBD. For hemp-seed oil to be exempted from the Cannabis Act, neither THC nor CBD could be added, or concentrated via processing, and any trace presence of THC or CBD would be the incidental result of the harvesting and processing steps. Hemp seeds are required to be handled in such a way to limit THC and CBD contamination. Hemp-seed oil is marketed in Canada in food, cosmetics,and natural and veterinary health products.

Can I market a natural health product, veterinary health product containing CBD?

No. Only limited parts of cannabis or hemp plants may be used as a medicinal ingredient in a natural health product (NHPs) under the Natural Health Product Regulations. The same is true for veterinary health products (VHPs) under the Food and Drug Regulations. NHPs and VHPs can only contain parts of the cannabis and hemp plants that are not considered cannabis under the Cannabis Act, such as hemp-seed derivatives and non-viable seeds. Mature stalks that do not include any leaves, flowers, seeds or branches,and fibre from such stalks are also excluded from the Cannabis Act, but may not be used in veterinary health products. Trace levels of cannabinoids (e.g. no more than 10 parts per million THC) may be present in such products as a result of the isolation process.

However, the deliberate addition of cannabinoids to such products is not permitted. As all cannabinoids are subject to the Prescription Drug List, any health product wishing to contain CBD, and make a health claim, would require approval as a prescription drug under the Food and Drugs Act. CBD products that do not make any health claims may be sold lawfully under the Cannabis Act—either through the provincially-authorized retail system, or through the federal access to cannabis for medical purposes system —provided they follow all requirements of that Act and regulations.

Can I make or market pet food containing CBD?

No. Under the Cannabis Act, only five classes of cannabis are initially permitted for sale: fresh cannabis, dried cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis plants and cannabis seed. Edible cannabis products are now legal as well. But they are only available for human consumption .


So in short, CBD containing products for pets are not legal in Canada yet. Hemp Oil products marketed for pets contain negligible content of CBD in them. The efficacy of CBD is not very clear yet either. There is very limited trial data to support its use in animals at this stage. Based on this we currently do not actively recommend CBD use for most pets.

If you do use CBD for your pets, please feel free to share it with us as this is an area of active research in the veterinary field.

THC in pets

Dogs are proportionally more sensitive than people to tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC ), which is the well-known psychoactive compound responsible for the ‘high’ related with cannabis use. It is not uncommon to see 1 to 5 cases of THC toxicity per week in most emergency clinics in the province.

Smaller dogs are particularly susceptible due to the lower level required to produce symptoms. Cats are not immune to toxic side effects, but are much more selective in their food intake. Cats generally avoid eating garbage, scavenging cigarette-type butts on walks around the block, or table or counter surfing. They also lack a sweet tooth, so we do not see them take in ‘pot’ products like dogs do.

While the most common cause of THC intoxication is inadvertent oral ingestion (or in rare cases, intentional administration), all pets are at risk of respiratory irritation from second-hand smoke, and pets can be affected by smoke inhalation, so pet owners are encouraged to smoke cannabis outdoors or away from their pets.

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What Are The Benefits of CBD for Pets?

Pets can suffer from inflammatory allergic reactions just like people. It is heartbreaking to see pets suffering from painful conditions. They often lose weight from the inability to eat and absorb nutrients.

CBD can soothe or even prevent some of these conditions.

Although many CBD benefits are still anecdotal, there is enough evidence to consider cannabis to treat pets seriously. Here are some possible benefits:

  • Cannabis can reduce convulsions and epileptic seizures. It does not come with the possible side effects that traditional anticonvulsant drugs have that are prescribed by vets.
  • CBD can help with phobias, seizures, or digestive problems.
  • Many people have seen improvement in their pets’ pain, inflammation, nervousness, and even certain types of cancer. These include pain from arthritis, cancer, or terminal illnesses.
  • There is evidence that CDB edibles can calm certain forms of anxiety.
  • Health and overall wellness improvement
  • Muscle repair after a lot of exercise
  • Circulation improvement
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Bone growth promotion
  • Stress and anxiety reduction (especially separation anxiety)
  • Pain reduction
  • Nausea reduction
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Aggression and phobia reduction
  • Cognitive function increase
  • Cancer cell growth inhibition
  • Reduction in ageing and degenerative animal diseases

CBD oil is definitely a great benefit from nature for people and their pets.

There are many human medications that vets give to animals for the same ailments. When pets are treated with CBD edibles for their ailments, owners do not have to worry about traditional medications’ side effects.

While it is not a miracle pill, cannabis can soothe discomfort and possibly reduce the amount of medication that pets have to take. Beloved animals can enjoy a better quality of life with CBD treats.

CBD Works For Pets Because Their Bodies, Like Ours, Contains An Endocannabinoid System.

Scientific research has shown that cannabis can benefit pets since they also have an endocannabinoid system.

Animals make endocannabinoids in their body as humans do. These special receptors work with physiological issues in their bodies.

Cannabinoids (CBD) oil can activate this system and treat certain animal diseases without toxic side effects.

What Forms Of Cannabis & CBD For Pets Are Available?

CBD Oil For Pets

CBD Oil for pets is most commonly given as an oil-based tincture, with a carrier oil to help absorption. It contains 0 THC and sometimes may involve proprietary oil blends to maximize bioavailability (how much of the oil can be used by the body) and synergistic effects (for instance, some oils reduce inflammation).

CBD Tinctures For Pets

CBD tinctures for pets are very commonly the same as CBD Oil for pets – they consist of CBD extract within a pet-safe carrier oil. However, many pet CBD tinctures take things further with additional supplements, vitamins, herbal blends, pet-friendly terpenes, triglycerides, and other health-enhancing CBD pet products.

CBD Pet Treats

CBD treats for pets are a great way to dose pets with their needed CBD. After all, what kind of pet doesn’t like a treat? CBD pet treats come in a variety of flavours and types. These, of course, include pet-specific products such as CBD treats for dogs, CBD treats for cats, and even CBD treats for birds.

As with CBD pet tinctures, CBD-infused pet treats may also include additional supplements and vitamins, pet-friendly terpene blends, and more. CBD-laced treats show promise in many pet ailments.

Currently, vets cannot legally prescribe CBD oil to their four-legged patients. This does not stop pet owners from buying legal CBD edibles for their pets. CBD-Infused edibles are available to treat a variety of pet issues.

Hemp Oil For Pets

While not technically a CBD product, hemp oil can be highly beneficial for pets, including when taken alongside CBD oil for pets or other CBD pet products.

Is Cannabis Safe For Pets? Will CBD Products Get My Pets High?

Out of the many ingredients found in marijuana, the two most prominent are the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

THC is the psychoactive ingredient that gives people a familiar “high.” It can be toxic to animals. CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive and provides many health benefits.

The CBD oil used to treat pets has almost no THC and can be used safely for infused edibles.

Does CBD For Pets Come From Marijuana?

Instead of getting the CBD from marijuana, manufacturers extract it from its legal cannabis cousin, hemp. Industrial hemp contains virtually 0% THC.

Recently, growers have started cultivating cannabis/marijuana strains to yield high CBD and no THC. This method is even more efficient in producing medical CBD for pets.

It is important to note that in most cases when people think of “marijuana,” “cannabis,” “weed,” “pot,” and similar terms, what they’re really thinking about is THC. Cannabis isn’t what gets people high. It’s the THC in the cannabis that does. Medical CBD does not. It doesn’t get animals high, either, and it’s non-toxic.

Does Pet CBD Have Side Effects Like Other Pet Medications?

Veterinarians often prescribe the same medications that are given to people. This means that the treated animals can experience similar side effects, such as kidney or liver damage, when taking common prescription medications.

CBD does not have such side effects. As with humans, CBD is completely safe and non-toxic.

In order to avoid cannabinoids such as THC, CBD for pets is often a hemp extract. It seems like it is safer to give pets hemp-derived CBD.

Is There Scientific Support For CBD Use For Animals?

Cannabis and CBD for dogs and other pets. Order it online in Canada.

With the ongoing controversy of legalizing medical marijuana in the United States, scientists are eager to study the benefits CBD oil has for humans. This research extends to veterinarian science and infused edibles for animals.

Medical cannabis and CBD research have been historically limited for humans. It has been even scarcer in veterinary science. Many pet owners rely on anecdotal evidence when they choose CBD edibles for their pets.

Cannabis’s history as a controlled substance has limited extensive research and produced a chilling effect on physicians and veterinarians who would otherwise research the medical benefits of cannabis & CBD for pets.

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Animal advocates continue pressing the issue of legalizing cannabis for medical treatment. There is enough current research to make some vets revisit the possibility of animal CBD therapy.

As many human medications have been used for decades to treat the same ailment in animals, it stands to reason that animals would similarly benefit from CBD therapy as do their human counterparts.

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