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These CBD marijuana strains naturally produce high CBD to provide immense medical benefits with little to no psychoactive high. Grow High CBD seeds now! Buy CBD seeds online from Seedsman and get free seeds with every order. Explore our cannabis strains that are high in cannabidiol. Offering the best seeds since 2003. High CBD strains produce cannabis with 4% or more CBD in the dry buds. Grow your own high CBD strains from the Dutch Passion range of high CBD seeds.

CBD Seeds

CBD seeds are a new generation of cannabis seeds specifically designed for the medical marijuana community. Many of the CBD seeds we stock contain low traces of THC and high levels of CBD. As such, you get little to no psychedelic effects and a hefty dose of therapeutic benefits.

You can also find high CBD seeds with high amounts of THC and CBD. In the end, your choice of cannabinoid levels is a personal decision based on your needs. Take a look at our selection of the best-selling CBD seeds .

CBD Critical Mass Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Cream & Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD 1-CA Ratio 1:20 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

MediBerry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Blueberry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Harlequin Feminized (1:9) Cannabis Seeds

CBD Mamba Negra Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

CBD Mamba Negra Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Tangie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cannatonic Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Strawberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Supreme Durban Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD ACDC Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

CBD Chemdog #4 (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD White Widow (10:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Med Gom Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

CBD Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Mexican Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Strawberry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

MediBerry Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

CBD Ratio 1:30 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush (1:2) Cannabis Seeds

CBD Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Harlequin Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Mango Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sister Act Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Critical Mass Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  • This Mix Pack features:
  • Blueberry Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Original Lemon Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • CBD Ratio 1:30 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Body, Mind & Soul Mix pack

CBD Seeds For Sale

CBD seeds are a new generation of cannabis seeds specifically designed for the medical marijuana community. Many of the CBD seeds we stock contain low traces of THC and high levels of CBD. As such, you get little to no psychedelic effects and a hefty dose of therapeutic benefits.

You can also find high CBD seeds with high amounts of THC and CBD. In the end, your choice of cannabinoid levels is a personal decision based on your needs. Take a look at our selection of the best-selling CBD seeds .

  1. Mostly Indica (21)
  2. Hybrid (7)
  3. Mostly Sativa (10)
  1. Comedy Central (2)
  2. Doc’s Clinic (10)
  1. Light (1)
  2. Less than average (2)
  3. Average (15)
  4. More than average (15)
  5. Heavy (3)More
  1. 6-8 Weeks (4)
  2. 8-10 Weeks (24)
  3. 10-12 Weeks (10)
  1. Photoperiod (34)
  2. Autoflowering (4)
  1. Anxiety (38)
  2. Arthritis (35)
  3. Cramps (2)
  4. Depression (36)
  5. Fatigue (8)
  6. Inflammation (12)
  7. Insomnia (17)
  8. Migranes (35)
  9. Muscle Spasms (10)
  10. Nausea (18)
  11. Pain (3)
  12. Seizures (7)
  13. Stomach Ache (4)
  14. Stress (34)More
  1. Temperate/Continental (36)
  2. Sunny/Mediterranean (36)
  3. Cool/Cold (4)

What are CBD seeds?

To understand more about CBD seeds, you first need to know what CBD is. All marijuana plants contain chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The two most well-known ones are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) .

THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in weed that makes you feel stoned. CBD is the secondary psychoactive constituent in cannabis, but it doesn’t produce the sensation of being high. Instead, it contains therapeutic properties .

Our CBD strain seeds typically contain substantial levels of cannabidiol with low amounts of THC, but you can also find CBD seeds with high volumes of both. If you opt for the latter, the large amounts of CBD typically counteract the psychoactive effects of THC .

As such, you get all the benefits without the fear of zoning out from a few tokes—ideal for users with low tolerance levels. Without further ado, check out our most popular CBD seeds for sale:

CBD Super Silver Haze feminized seeds

CBD Super Silver Haze is a cross between Skunk , Northern Lights , Haze , and a high CBD strain . It boasts around 14% THC and 15% CBD, giving it an equal ratio of both cannabinoids.

A mostly sativa hybrid, it produces a balanced blend of mental and physical effects. The weed from these CBD seeds offers a gentle wave of euphoria that clears your mind, boosts your mood, relaxes your inhibitions, and leaves you grinning from ear to ear.

At the same time, CBD Super Silver Haze assists with a plethora of medical issues . It effectively reduces pain, eliminates stress, and relieves muscle tension. Plus, it aids with anxiety, fatigue, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

After consuming CBD Super Silver Haze, you can expect to feel relaxed, calm, content, and completely pain-free . These CBD seeds produce crops that ooze a spicy, earthy aroma and feature a flavorful citrus twist.

CBD Super Silver Haze isn’t the easiest strain to grow, as it needs a lot more care than other cultivars. It can also get pretty lofty—so make sure you have enough vertical space.

CBD Cream & Cheese feminized seeds

CBD Cream & Cheese is a cross between Seedsman CBD and UK Cheese. It boasts a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, typically ranging from 18–22%. T hese high CBD seeds produce indica-dominant plants that deliver minimal psychoactive effects and a load of therapeutic benefits .

After consuming this weed, you feel calm, relaxed, happy, and super mellow. These effects aren’t overly intense, but their medical qualities are impressive.

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CBD Cream & Cheese seeds are a fan-favorite in the medical cannabis community. It soothes pain and tension while washing away stress, depression, and anxiety. Its indica genetics make it a fantastic choice for insomniacs, and it can also assist those with low appetites.

These CBD seeds produce crops with the signature smell and flavor of their UK Cheese parent. Expect an alluring aroma of matured cheese, sweet grapefruit, and hints of earthiness. When smoked, CBD Cream & Cheese tastes cheesy, herbal, spicy, and citrusy.

Beginners and experts can grow these CBD seeds. The plants are easy to maintain and aren’t particularly fussy.

CBD Tangie feminized seeds

CBD Tangie is a sativa-leaning hybrid with 1% THC and approximately 15% CBD. It’s a product of Cannatonic CBD x OG Kush CBD. Thanks to sky-high cannabidiol levels, these almost pure CBD seeds develop crops with potent effects. Within minutes of consumption, you feel calm, happy, focused, uplifted, and relaxed.

This CBD strain induces almost no psychoactive effects, so you don’t need to worry about excessive euphoria or energy. Instead, CBD Tangie works holistically by healing physical ailments and treating mental imbalances.

This powerful cultivar helps with anxiety, stress, mood disorders, and depression. It also alleviates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, emesis, and fibromyalgia. The weed grown from these high CBD seeds is covered in medical-grade resin, making it an attractive choice for concentrates.

CBD Tangie boasts a strong citrus terpene profile. It smells like tangerines and teases you with a subtly sweet aroma. When toked, it tastes slightly acidic but leaves a refreshing aftertaste. These feminized CBD seeds are moderately easy to grow, but you need to watch for sudden growth spurts.

Besides those, some others high CBD seeds we recommend are:

How are high CBD seeds made?

To create a top-quality batch of high CBD seeds , you need a couple of key ingredients:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable weed breeders
  • Stabilized genetics
  • Highly sought-after parent strains
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Years and years of meticulous backcrossing to ensure genetic consistency
  • Organic and sustainable breeding techniques

At Homegrown Cannabis Co, our CBD seeds contain all these fundamental building blocks—along with plenty of love and care . Our marijuana seeds are developed by life-long cannabis enthusiasts with a wealth of breeding knowledge under their belts.

Kyle Kushman, Nikki & Swami, and Steve DeAngelo are some of the prestigious names associated with Homegrown Cannabis Co. As such, you get to grow premium CBD seeds with proven genetics and desirable characteristics.

Why buy high CBD seeds?

Marijuana strains deliver two distinct types of effects: psychoactive and therapeutic. The former is responsible for a thrilling cerebral high, while the latter is more physical, relieving aches and soothing medical symptoms.

High THC strains dominated the cannabis scene in the past, but CBD seeds shifted the medical marijuana landscape. Although THC-rich cultivars have medicinal merits, high CBD strains are more popular among low tolerance users and those who want to reap the therapeutic benefits.

Remember, THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid, while CBD isn’t. If you want the holistic benefits of cannabis, high CBD seeds are a fantastic choice. These weed seeds produce plants that can heal and treat mental and physical ailments—without the overwhelming psychoactive buzz.

Weed grown from CBD seeds can assist with numerous medical conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s

How to grow CBD seeds?

Whether you’re a total beginner or a weed breeding professional, you can grow your own indoor or outdoor garden with these organic CBD seeds. We have a vast library of information at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Learn the ins and outs of every stage of the growing process with our detailed educational resources, compiled by in-house experts.

The first step to a healthy crop is seed germination . After that, check out our in-depth guides and follow the tips below for specific CBD strain seeds:

Growing CBD Super Silver Haze feminized seeds

These CBD seeds produce tall and lanky plants, so you need plenty of vertical space . Luckily, their feminized genetics take away the hassle of male crops. If you want to manipulate the height of your crops, you can top them in the early stages of vegging.

It’s also useful to employ the Screen of Green technique for optimal yields and quality. This method creates an even canopy of branches to ensure every bud receives enough light.

These CBD seeds have a flowering time of 10–12 weeks . They thrive in various environments, including outside, indoors, and in greenhouses. If you choose to grow al fresco, select a location with warm, dry weather and ample sunshine.

In the Northern Hemisphere, harvest time typically occurs around mid-October. You can expect around 21–38 oz. per plant under prime outdoor conditions. Cultivating inside is also a fantastic choice, as you can control every aspect of your plant’s growth . It can be costlier, though.

Keep an eye on the temperature, humidity, nutrients, water, and lights. By using 600-watt HIDs, you can produce up to 17 oz./m² of bud from these CBD seeds.

Growing CBD Cream & Cheese feminized seeds

Thanks to their indica genetics, these feminized CBD seeds grow into medium-sized plants with a bushy appearance. The crops develop compact nugs with a generous coating of resinous trichomes . They’re also highly resistant to bud rot and other types of mold.

For optimal results, grow these CBD seeds in organic soil with a third of coco coir . This way, you get bigger buds and a more enhanced flavor profile. You can also use a hydroponic setup to benefit from faster plant growth and increased yields.

Incorporate low-stress training methods like the Screen of Green (ScrOG) to encourage lateral growth. This technique develops more budding sites and rewards you with a larger harvest . When scrogging, remember to coax the branches f urther out from the main cola to ensure proper airflow and light penetration.

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Crops grown from these CBD seeds can also benefit from topping , which produces more colas and boosts yields. CBD Cream & Cheese has a flowering time of 8–9 weeks and prospers indoors and out. The latter allows these crops to reach their maximum potential, though.

Grow these CBD seeds in a warm and temperate climate and expect to harvest around 28 oz. per plant by early October. On the other hand, an indoor setup typically yields 14–21 oz./m².

Growing CBD Tangie feminized seeds

Boasting mostly sativa genetics, these Tangie CBD seeds develop into tall, slender crops with long, slim leaves. If their height is an issue, prune and trim your plants or implement the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method . These techniques control vertical growth while boosting yields.

Once their excessive growth is under control, cultivating these plants is smooth-sailing. Thanks to their narrow foliage, air and light enter easily. The plants from these CBD seeds are also less likely to suffer from a buildup of moisture, pests, and mold (with the right conditions, of course).

CBD Tangie has a flowering time of 10–11 weeks and prefers a soil medium but fares well in hydroponics too. You can grow it inside or outdoors with success. If you cultivate these CBD seeds indoors, maintain a grow room temperature of 69–79℉.

Keep the humidity at 40–50% during the vegetative stage and drop it to 30–40% a few weeks before harvest. If all goes well, expect a yield of around 15 oz./m². Outdoors, these CBD seeds adore a Mediterranean climate. In the Northern Hemisphere, you can plant them in April and collect a bounty of 17 oz. per plant by early October.

Where to buy high CBD seeds

So, you’re finally ready to buy CBD seeds, but where do you find the best ones? Luckily, you’re already in the right place. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we have a massive selection of high CBD seeds for sale.

You can choose from a variety of regular , autoflower , and feminized CBD seeds , including:

  • Pure CBD seeds
  • High CBD seeds
  • High CBD low THC seeds

Every weed seed you purchase has reliable, stable genetics and comes with a germination guarantee, so you’ll never pay for duds.

Plus, we offer fast, discreet deliveries, easy payment options, and access to our exclusive platforms: Homegrown Diaries and Homegrown Forum .

Get expert growing advice, learn from like-minded cannabis enthusiasts, share your top tips and tricks, and keep track of all the marijuana plants you grow.

What’s the hold-up? Get your hands on some top-quality CBD seeds today!

High CBD Seeds

Cannabidiol also referred to as CBD , is one of several cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is the second most prevalent active compound in cannabis, is non-intoxicating, and has become the focus of considerable research for its potential therapeutic benefits.

The demand for high CBD strains has increased significantly in the last few years, leading to breeders focusing their efforts on creating high CBD strains, and growers opting for these to meet this demand. As research uncovers and validates more of CBD’s therapeutic properties, its popularity continues to be on the rise. It has become a major focus for the medical cannabis user community and is often preferred by adult users opting for a less intense cannabis experience than one dominated by THC’s intoxicating effects.

Benefits of High CBD Cannabis

High CBD products have been known for their therapeutic benefits (analgesic, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory properties), making high CBD products popular among medical cannabis consumers.

Check out our pick of the highest CBD strains on our blog .

To buy high CBD cannabis seeds online, browse the best selection online below. Once you’ve made your choice, Seedsman offers discreet worldwide postage and multiple payment options.

CBD Rich

High CBD cannabis strains have become very popular in recent years. They are particularly well liked by many medical growers. Cannabis varieties with high CBD and low THC don’t have the same powerful high as a traditional strain with little/no psychoactive effect. This allows you to function and work well after your medication. Grow your own CBD rich cannabis easy and fast.

Active filters

CBD Mazar

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X Mazar

CBD Charlotte’s Angel®

Dutch Charlotte X Red Angel

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X CBD Auto Compassion Lime

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto CBD-Victory®

Research Genetics

CBD Skunk Haze®

Haze/Skunk X High CBD variety

CBD Kush®

Kandy Kush X CBD dominant variety

CBD Auto White Widow®

Auto White Widow X CBD Sweet and Sour Widow

CBD Compassion®

CBD Auto Compassion Lime®

CBD Compassion X Daiquiri Lime

What are High-CBD cannabis seeds?

High CBD cannabis seeds are defined as those which typically have 4% (or more) CBD in the dried buds. This may be in combination with THC (or other cannabinoids). However you can also buy CBD seeds that have over 15% CBD in the dried buds.

In the Dutch Passion seed collection you can buy CBD seeds with CBD levels ranging from 4% to 15%. Growers looking to buy CBD seeds have a wider choice of options than ever before. But make sure to buy CBD seeds from a proven supplier that can deliver stable and consistent results from seed to seed.

Buy High-CBD Seeds Online

CBD cannabis seeds have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years. Medical growers often have a particularly high value for high CBD seeds. Many recreational growers also enjoy the deeply satisfying effects from CBD seeds. Unlike traditional high THC seeds, a CBD seed produces plants with elevated levels of CBD which are far higher than those typically found in most other strains.

These days you can grow CBD seeds which have a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. Many cannabis users find this ratio gives the best effects. Or you can grow high CBD low THC seeds which typically are so low in THC that it’s not possible to get high from them. These are sometimes referred to as pure CBD seeds.

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When growing a high CBD strain, seeds must be specially bred in order to deliver the high CBD levels. Dutch Passion offer feminised CBD seeds as well as CBD autoflower seeds, all of which have been fully tested and proven. In the unlikely event of any issues you can count on Dutch Passion’s unrivalled customer support.

Best CBD feminised seeds recommendations

To produce the best CBD seeds, the genetics need to be fully stabilised over several generations. The best CBD seeds should also grow well across a wide range of growing conditions with the same robust growth as high THC seeds as well as good yields. This selection of high CBD feminised seeds uses photoperiod genetics. That means the plants will grow vegetatively under 18-24 hours of daily light and start blooming when daily light hours are reduced to 12.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel

With CBD levels averaging 12-15% and THC levels always below 1% you can’t get high from CBD Charlotte’s Angel. Many people refer to these high CBD low THC seeds as pure CBD seeds since they contain no THC. The sativa genetics produce good yields and take around 11 weeks to complete bloom. This is a perfect option for those wanting to buy CBD seeds with no THC.

CBD Skunk Haze

CBD Skunk Haze was one of the original 1:1 THC CBD strains. THC and CBD levels are usually around 6-8% each. But the hybrid (50/50 indica/sativa) genetics tend to be CBD dominant. This means that, if anything, CBD is more likely to be the dominant cannabinoid and present in greater quantities than THC.

These high CBD seeds produce large tall plants with generously sized buds. CBD Skunk Haze® seeds grows well indoors and in a greenhouse. The flowering period is around 10 weeks and yields of up to 450 grams/m2 are possible under ideal conditions. If you’re looking to buy some cannabis cup winning high CBD seeds, few have a better pedigree than CBD Skunk Haze. She won 1st Prize “Medical Category” Karma Cup (Toronto) Canada in 2016 as well as several other cups as far back as 2013.

CBD Compassion

CBD Compassion® is a Sativa dominant CBD-rich variety made with Nepalese genetics. The ratio of CBD:THC is between 1:1 and 4:1. Usually the CBD is present in greater quantities than THC. These high CBD seeds produce plants of medium height, yields are average or above average. The effects are particularly relaxing and pleasant.

The Nepalese genetics contribute to the high levels of resin production, making this a popular option for CBD cannabis concentrate fans that like to make CBD rich oil, hash etc. These easy-to-grow high CBD seeds won 1st prize in the Medical Category at the High Life Cup in Amsterdam, 2014.

Best CBD autoflower seeds recommendations

CBD autoflower seeds are perhaps the easiest and quickest way to produce crops of CBD weed. CBD autoflower seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks indoors under 20 hours of daily light. Outdoors they can take a couple of weeks longer.

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel is a great choice for anyone looking for pure CBD autoflower seeds which produce high CBD levels with THC always below 1%. With such low THC levels you can’t get high from these buds.

These sativa genetics can take a little longer to grow than most autoflower seeds, up to 13 weeks from seed to harvest. However the heavy yields are worth the wait!

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush

This CBD autoflower seed variety contains up to 15% CBD and less than 1% THC. This is a great CBD autoflower seed for those that don’t want any psychoactive high. Often with CBD Auto Blackberry Kush you will see a beautiful display of colour, with vivid deep purple buds coated with a thick sticky layer of CBD rich trichomes. The effects of high CBD create a good medical variety with strong body effects and no psycho activity compared to typical THC-rich varieties. These high CBD seeds take around 13 weeks to grow indoors.

Best CBD regular seeds recommendations

These days regular seeds account for just 2-3% of cannabis seed sales. For that reason, Dutch Passion don’t sell CBD regular seeds. Instead, efforts are focussed on feminised CBD seeds and CBD autoflower seeds.

Do cannabis seeds contain CBD?

Common questions include ‘do cannabis seeds contain CBD’ as well as ‘do hemp seeds contain CBD’. In fact seeds don’t contain CBD (or THC). If seeds did contain cannabinoids it would have made it easier for politicians to ban them.

Key factors that influence CBD-levels in cannabis plants

When growing high CBD seeds there are several factors which can influence the final CBD content of your buds. The first and most obvious consideration is your choice of high CBD cannabis seeds. Even a professional grower wouldn’t be able to grow high CBD buds from the wrong type of genetics. Grow room conditions, lights, environment, nutrient management and other factors determine the final CBD content. Maintaining optimum plant health throughout the grow is the key to reaching high CBD levels.


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