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caviar gold weed seeds

Caviar Gold is a new type of concentrated cannabis product made from combining cannabis flowers of various strains with 95% pure THC hash oil. Once the flowers take a nice dip in the hash oil, they are then rolled in kief for an extra-healthy dose of trichomes and THC.

Caviar Gold is very easy on the eyes. The flowers take on a crystalline, alien-like appearance with the addition of sticky dark hash oil and kief. While the dark green flowers and orange pistils are barely visible, the molasses-like hash oil contrasts beautifully with both the flower and the silvery-white trichome heads that make up the blanket of kief. Together, caviar gold looks a lot like powdery, light green nuggets.

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Caviar Gold is more than just a potent, beautiful flower though. The high percentage of THC is intensified by the full-spectrum of other present cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving you with a product that’ll have you feeling better than any other flower or THC concentrate alone. If you see it at your favorite dispensary, definitely give it a chance since it’ll probably be your next favorite product!

The aroma of caviar gold is similar to most cannabis with a bright herbal scent that is sure to stink up a jar and a room. When broken, caviar gold flowers release more floral notes reminiscent of whatever strain was used to make them. When burned, caviar gold takes on a very pungent earthy aroma. It tends to burn forever too, so be sure to put the smoldering cherry out when you cash the bowl into an ashtray.

With potency this high, one puff of a bowl of caviar gold can give you all-day relief from your most severe pain and provide an uplifting, depression-busting mental state. It’s a force to be reckoned with, putting the most experienced of smokers and cannabis aficionados in their place. As a product with high concentrations of THC, caviar gold is a great choice for managing symptoms like pain, inflammation, lack of appetite, nausea, muscle spasms and reducing the growth and spread of certain cancer cells.

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