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can you smoke weed seeds and stems

You might not think about it often, but there’s a good bit more you can do with cannabis outside of enjoying its effects. It’s a natural plant material like any other, and that means it can see a lot of use in arts and crafts!

The possibilities get even wider, though, if you’re a home grower with even more stems lying around. When you strip trunks and main branches of their much longer fibres, you can start making decorations, baskets, and even yarn if you work at it long enough!

Whiskeys, vodkas, or tequilas that are 40% alcohol or more can all dissolve the resin of cannabis. We’ve got a great recipe for cannabis-infused vodka here, but it’s quite a simple process overall.


You see, those stems are a lot more than scraps to throw out when grinding your cannabis flower. In fact, if you store up enough, you can get plenty lifted off those alone. And, if you don’t want to get high, you can even give them a second life as arts and crafts items, or even mulch! How? We’ll cover the details as we go along.

If you have enough broken-down stems to fill up half a saucepan, then THC-infused butter is on the menu! Replacing stems for buds in this cannabutter recipe will produce a similar product, but with a much milder effect. Where the recipe suggests “28g of flowers”, replace with “as many chopped stems as possible”. Using your butter in culinary creations will add a nice buzz to any course.

Then, in a blender, combine an equal amount of stems and regular paper. Add enough water for the mixture to move and blend freely. When the mix is a slurry with minimal bits left intact, pour it out evenly onto the vat. Gently shake the vat until the pulp is evenly spread. If you’re making a larger piece of paper, you’ll need a squeegee to get things even. Leave this to drain and dry. After 24 hours, gently peel your paper away and hang it out to dry. Trim to your needs, and enjoy!

For potency to build, this little project may take a few months and a few handfuls of stems. By the end of the process, though, you’ll have a strong cross-fade in one convenient, potent drink.

It is only logical to wonder whether it is good to smoke the stems, especially if there are many extra parts available. You do not like to drain your stems. As mentioned, THC is non-existent in the weed stems. THC is known to be the essential component of the weed. It is the component that makes one feel high and blissful.

The truth is that marijuana stems can be reused and maximized, but it is not good to smoke them. You do not have to throw away your stems if you find it hard to let them go. You can come up with some good ideas to still use them. So, what are you going to do with your pot stems?

Smoking Weed Stems Will Not Give You High

Putting some weed stems in your tea will make a good idea to contribute a relaxing feeling. Certainly, marijuana tea will not give you high; however, it can create a short sensation of blissfulness, not to be specific with the calming effects. Add pot stems into your favored tea – it complements well with chamomile, peppermint, or chai.

The fact is that smoking anything is a destruction to the lungs. When you breathe in the smoke from an ignited dried herb, it is said that you are concurrently breathing in over 100 various toxins – some of these are carcinogenic.

Once the mixture is a slurry with fewer bits remained unpulverized, evenly poured out into eh deckle. Lightly vibrate and shake until the pulp is smoothly spread. Drain it and let it dry. Wait for 24 hours, lightly take off the paper away, and suspend to thoroughly dry. Cut according to your requirements. Whether you like to make a stem butter, stem oil, stem tea, or stem paper, stems can be effectively reused. You do not have to throw them away just because you are advised not to smoke them.