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can you sell weed seeds on amazon

These suppliers are established seed breeders and seed banks. The quality products and services delivered from these vendors has been proven time and again. Please read our Seed Buying Tips if this is your first purchase of this type online.

Marijuana seeds can be found for sale by a number of online scammers. Please be careful. Bookmark this page for your future buying reference. Legal to buy.


Order your genuine marijuana & cannabis seeds safely, shipped discreetly Worldwide (USA Included). We recommend buying your marijuana & cannabis seeds from these trusted suppliers


A portion of EVERY sale made through weeds that please goes directly to supporting the legalization of this God-given plant in EVERY State.

Although cannabis seeds are no longer banned in many localities, in many countries cannabis seeds are still a very sensitive subject. Your order can be detained at customs at any time, and surely many people also do not want neighbors or relatives to know about the ‘content’ of their order.

But the tricky part comes here. How to find a trusted supplier for marijuana seeds?

The best online seed bank must have multiple payment methods available with a wide range of accepted currencies. That is an important factor, especially for online transactions. Surely anyone wants to be able to quickly pay and experience the good customer service of the seed bank instead of struggling to figure out how to pay in the wrong way.

#2 Providing Stealth and discrete shipping options

Also, pay close attention to whether the description of the strain you choose is pest-resistant or something like that. This will largely determine whether the seed you choose can grow up healthy or not.

However, once you are looking for an option for Marijuana seeds on Amazon, it won’t work as Amazon has not yet permitted the product listings for cannabis seeds.

Amazon is a leading major e-commerce site in the world and that is also the reason why people tend to search for what they intend to buy on this site first, including cannabis seeds.

Of course, everyone would opt for one of the trusted selling sources named Amazon. The retail giant offers various related products of the Cannabis Industry. You can find comprehensive growing tools, guides, E-books, and books explaining complete harvesting processes which could be helpful for Pot-breeders.

As mentioned above, you can read the rules that are listed above as you search for good seeds. You can read reviews for these seeds, and you will know which companies do the best job creating these seeds. It is very smart to try different brands until you have found what you want, and you can place as many orders as you like when you are comfortable.

When you would like to buy seeds, you can look for regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and feminized seeds. You should look at all the strains that you think will be right for you, and you should go through many different online seed banks to find the one that makes your life easier.

It makes sense for you to get used to buying other types of cannabis or CBD products through the largest retailer in the world because you will be one of the first people to know when the seeds are offered. You might also lobby your favorite sellers to get their products into more catalogs.

How Do You Ensure The Quality Of These Seeds?

When you are hunting for cannabis and CBD products, you need to make sure that you have a trusted supplier. Finding a company that you can trust is very important because it can be difficult to know what you are getting. Reading reviews and researching these companies online makes your life much easier.

Shopping online also makes it much easier for customers to gather information. It is easy to research a new company by typing their name into Google, and the seeds can be researched by using these simple tips.

You also need free cheap shipping around the world, and the seed bank should offer some sort of loyalty program that will make it easier for you to get rewarded for your purchases. You should look for many different strain collections that might be right for you, and you should also remember that most people who are buying have specific needs. You have a right to expect to get the exact strains you want, and you should not spend so much on shipping that buying seeds becomes cost-prohibitive.

Because the cannabis industry is booming, it is easy to find seeds around the world in different places. There are many websites that you can shop with, but shopping with one of the largest online malls in the world can make it easier and more affordable. This could be a good way for you to find seeds that will be easy to research and order. Shipping could be free, and the catalog style of the site allows customers to learn a lot about their purchases before they buy.